Origins of the Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment

20+ Years of Work and Research

Tamara discovers being innovative is universal, but how we innovate is unique to each of us.

Science confirms innovation is a whole brain process.

Proprietary algorithm + custom built technology = YOUR UNIQUE INNOVATOR ARCHETYPE

Proof is in the Pudding And….

The Clients….

  • Costco
  • NASA
  • Harley Davidson
  • Nike
  • US Army Research Labs
  • Disney
  • General Mills
  • Texas Library Association
  • Product Marketing Association

…to name a few…

The Science….

Some of our favorite articles and research:

The Comparison:

Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) is the only tool that helps you unlock your greatest asset – your ability to innovate. While Myers Briggs, DISC and Emergenetics tell you your personality, the IQE provides the context for how you innovate and ignites next level value in your work.


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