Your company needs  the bottom line benefits of developing a culture of innovation, generating meaningful and timely ideas, and the ability to adapt to industry change

without the risk, cost, or uncertainty of a full time hire without a proven method

how to be more innovative


Everyday Innovator Method Based Consulting and Fractional Officers

Get decades of business and innovation experience combined with a proven method to build teams of high-performing Everyday Innovators that solve problems faster, identify opportunities for growth, navigate change, and move your business forward.

“It was phenomenal…exceeded my expectations…audience took away a lot from the experience, especially how to tackle their idea challenges immediately!”

Tricia Pierce, Disney Consumer Products

Tamara, the session you lead for our leadership summit was exceptional in every way. The level of preparation and your unique ability to listen, learn, and then apply to our program separates you from nearly everyone else. On behalf of the team, congratulations & thank you. Brava

Neil J. Solomon, Vice President, UKG

“One of the best keynote sessions, I’ve attended in the recent past. Interesting, Engaging and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your real-life stories.”

Vish Walia, Microsoft

“Tamara’s a dynamic presenter. Not all virtual events are engaging, let’s be honest. But Tamara’s high energy, passion, and interactivity created a dynamic experience. I am so excited to implement her exercises to generate more innovative ideas. The IQE Assessment was so insightful and a great starting point to understand my strengths and opportunities within innovation. Thank you for making an intimidating topic feel approachable.”

Jenn DeWall, CrestComm

“On behalf of our Manufacturing team, I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to you!  I received many compliments about how your message was so well received.  The team really enjoyed the workshop you did with them.  It was a tired and tough crowd but you really broke through.  Personally, I learned a lot and really enjoyed your insight.  It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I hope that we have the opportunity to do so again.  I did have a few people ask if they could get a copy of your deck.  If that is possible, I would love to get that out to the team. Again, thank you so much for all you did for us!”

Kelly Egelston, Senior Sales Enablement Specialist, UKG

“I first saw Tamara speak at a Women’s conference. It was during a time when I was reevaluating my business model and needed to find the exact right change. Tamara’s session helped me get out of my own limiting perspective and approach the situation very differently. It is a long story, but this path ultimately led to me selling my company – allowing my business partner (my mom!) to retire. I knew that my local association could benefit from Tamara’s message, so this year I suggested we bring her out to a tradeshow event. The response was overwhelmingly positive. I am still hearing rave reviews!”

Lindsey Whitney, Rocky Mountain Regional Promotional Products Association

“Tamara’s webinar motivates and engages virtual participants to explore and understand the 9 traits of innovative people. Her session offers participants intuitive and easily digestible tools they can immediately implement to begin fostering a culture of innovation at their workplace. Prepare for a powerful and engaging virtual experience.”

Naomi Fisher, NCHRA Program Manager

“I had a great time learning about Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment at SOCOM. I look forward to reading Think Sideways and learning to Jump on 2!”

Crystal Volmar

The Everyday Innovator® Method

Everyday Innovator method accelerates innovation and growth by unlocking the individual’s innate zone of genius and igniting the collective power of the team’s human capital. We elevate people and transform organizational cultures through the power of human-centered innovation.






The benefits clients experience hiring a fractional Innovation & Performance Officer backed by the Everyday Innovator® method

  • Generate Higher Revenues

  • Solve the Problems that Stunt Business Faster

  • Generate More Opportunities for Growth

  • Save the Company Real Money by Eliminating Silos and Wasted Efforts

  • Minimize the Cost of New Hire Learning Curve

  • Avoid Getting Stale by Benefiting from the Depth and Breadth of Industry Experience

  • Stronger Point of Differentiation (and Customer Value) in a Crowded, Commoditized Marketplace

  • Build a Culture of Real Collaboration That Leads To Stronger Teamwork

  • More Resilient and Easily Adapt to Change

  • Build a Team of High Performing Everyday Innovators that can tackle any headwind or tailwind

  • Higher Employee Engagement and Motivation

  • Create a Culture of Innovation that is Sustainable and Scalable

  • Higher Employee Satisfaction and Retention

How it Works

experience, expertise, and a proven method tailored to meet your unique needs

How do I know if my company is ready for a fractional Innovation and Performance Officer?

How do I know if my company is ready for a fractional Innovation and Performance Officer?

If your company has recently experienced significant changes in size and you are concerned about not capitalizing on the momentum or losing your ability to manage your team’s ability to innovate you might be ready for a fractional Innovation Officer. Or, if you feel your team is siloed, underutilized and not meeting today’s business demands, it’s time to consider a Fractional Innovation Officer. If you company is falling behind competitors or change and in need of fresh, strategic ideas without the commitment and cost of a full-time hire, these are clear indicators of readiness. Or, if your marketing, HR and President are cobbling together your innovation and performance efforts, it’s time. A Fractional Innovation and Performance Officer can bring the necessary expertise to foster innovation, elevate performance, and drive growth, providing the benefits of a seasoned professional while maintaining much needed resources. Call us and let’s talk through your readiness.

How does a fractional hire work with my company?

How does a fractional hire work with my company?

Basically we consider ourselves part of your team, fully investing in your success. A fractional hire integrates with your company by working part-time or within a certain scope of work, providing expertise, and in our case methodology, and strategic support. We’ll collaborate closely with your team to understand your unique challenges and goals, ensuring alignment and seamless integration. This flexible arrangement allows your company to benefit from high-level skills and experience without the full-time commitment, offering a cost-effective solution to drive innovation and growth. Reach out and let’s find the approach that best fits your needs and objectives.

What is a fractional Innovation and Perforamnce Officer responsible for?

What is a fractional Innovation and Performance Officer responsible for?

A Fractional Innovation and Performance Officer is responsible for driving innovation, performance, and growth within your company. And in our case, we build you a sustainable and scalable culture of innovation that lasts long after our time together. We also lead efforts to tackle your biggest challenges and deliver meaningful growth opportunities. By leveraging our expertise, we help your company stay competitive and adapt to industry changes without the need for a full-time hire. With us you will experience a cultural shift that builds teams of high-performing Everyday Innovators that drive collaboration, growth ,and innovation now and into the future. We don’t just give you the fish, we teach your teams how to fish.

What is the Everyday Innovator Method?

What is the Everyday Innovator Method?

The Everyday Innovator Method is a proven approach to unlock your greatest competitive advantage – your human capital – while developing longterm strategy, tackling your most pressing challenges, and creating pathways to success. Our team would be thrilled to walk you through the details and how this method might accelerate your growth and achieve your goals faster.

Do we get to work with Tamara directly?

Do we get to work with Tamara directly?

Yes, you will work directly with Tamara in some capacity. That capacity will be determined by your fractional arrangement. And, you also benefit from her team of dedicated Everyday Innovators. This means you receive not only Tamara’s expertise as a Fractional Innovation and Performance officer, but also the collective knowledge and support of her team, ensuring a comprehensive approach to achieving your innovation goals. Set up a time to talk with Tamara.

4-Stages of the Everyday Innovator Method


Discovery sessions with your key stakeholders to understand where you are now versus where you need to be, building a tailored roadmap to success that is based on a proven method designed specifically to meet your needs


Unlock your team’s Everyday Innovator archetypes, beginning to elevate human performance. Understand your organization’s innovation strengths & gaps (and what to do about it), kick off efforts with an event to energize and engage and create forward momentum


Put your tailored Everyday Innovator program to work, building your culture of innovation, engaging your leadership and teams, leveraging your strengths, filling in your gaps, and gathering meaningful ideas that impact the bottom line. This is a constant exchange of implementation, feedback, experimentation and review, continuing to adapt, improve and deliver.


Sustain and scale a successful culture of innovation building teams of high-performing Everyday Innovators, tapping into the power of human capital to innovate and win in any environment

Completely Tailored to Meet Your Needs.
Elements May Include:

Leadership Integration:
100% integrated, 100% invested in your success

Build high performing teams of Everyday Innovators

Everyday Innovator Archetypes for Teams
Proprietary IQE assessment to unlock Everyday Innovators across your organization

Your Company’s Everyday Innovator Roadmap to Success:
Tailored Everyday Innovator roadmap based on your personalized heat map, unleashing the greatest competitive advantage – your human capital

Series of Innovation Jam® Sessions:
Innovation Jam® Sessions designed to build culture of collaboration and generate a wealth of innovative and meaningful solutions

Customized Leadership Training:
Training developed specifically to build strong leaders that drive a culture of innovation and outcomes

Greater Team Training:
Middle and front-line training designed to elevate engagement, let innovation grow from the ground up, and ensure our efforts reach the people doing the work

Deep Coaching Sessions: 
Small group or one-one-one to dive in and solve real-world pressing situations and obstacles and share best practices, moving forward faster – together.


Pop-Up Webinars:
Pop-Up Webinars that deep dive into timely topics, themes and areas of need, as we identify them

Everyday Innovators Toolbox Access:
24/7 access to the Everyday Innovators toolbox so your teams can get the inspiration and exercises they need, when they need it most

Success, Sustainability and Scaling:
Completely tailored to meet your needs, obstacles, strengths and gaps