50-Minute Innovation Summit: Transforming Obstacles Into Innovation and Getting Through Uncertain Times Stronger On The Other Side

Friday April 17, 2020
8:00am – 8:50am MNT
Q&A to follow

“I love your quick bursts like what you have been doing. As an engineer, these things are just so powerful and mind expanding to me. Like you today, I was so into it, when you said you had to go, time was up, I was like, What? I literally looked at the time and it was like, oh yea.”
-Kirby Slear, Engineer







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In this highly-interactive, engaging (and yes, there are give-aways) webcast you’ll learn the mindset and the actions for break-through outcomes: 

#1 Understand how your mind works so you can overcome the internal resistors sabotaging your efforts and create more positive momentum in your day.

#2 Unlock your unique Everyday Innovator style so you can tackle this new world with your innovation superpowers at your back, and thrive.

#3 Learn my favorite easy to do exercises to help you unearth new solutions, new opportunities and profitable paths created by the shift.

#4 Uncover how to be a real innovation leader in uncertain times so you can ignite innovation in your colleagues, teams, and customers, driving everyone forward together.


All attendees receive:

DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUENESS: If you don’t already know, we’ll give you access to take the first of its kind Innovation Quotient Edge assessment so you can discover your Unique Everyday Innovator style and greatest strengths in times of uncertainty.

LIVE ACCESS: Live access to the entire  session.  You can ask questions, engage, listen in, take notes, and hopefully create a few aha moments. 

ACCESS RECORDING:  Recording of the entire webcast so you that you can watch, re-watch and keep the innovation momentum moving forward.



“I’m finding your sessions helpful in keeping me focused and innovating on behalf of my customers. My ability to provide customers complete logistics information as the customers didn’t find the information available in these uncertain times.” – Carolyn Fine, Logistics


Friday April 17th
8:00 am MST –  12:00 pm  MST
via Zoom Webinar