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Innovators comes in many shapes and sizes.

 In fact, they're all around you. In your neighborhood, at the office, everywhere.

The problem? Most people don't think they can innovate. Our innovation training programs help both individuals and companies implement strategies that increase innovation.

More innovation increases motivation, improves the competitive edge and inspires others.  Check out our innovation training options today. 

Do you know what two power triggers create your unique innovation archetype?

"Tamara's webinar motivates and engages virtual participants to explore and understand the 9 traits of innovative people. Her session offers participants intuitive and easily digestible tools they can immediately implement to begin fostering a culture of innovation at their workplace. Prepare for a powerful and engaging virtual experience."

-Naomi Fisher- NCHRA Program Manager- San Francisco.

“It was phenomenal… exceeded my expectation… audience took away a lot from the experience, especially ways to tackle their idea challenges immediately – I know I did!”

– Tricia Pierce, Culture of Innovation, Disney Consumer Products

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"The IQE gave us the opportunity to better understand how and where each of us adds value and as two teams that need to work together, we now have the mindset and the tools to drive innovation that sticks"

- Shelly Thobe, Director Culinary Product Innovation

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