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Do you know what two power triggers create your unique innovation archetype?

"With the IQE assessment and Tamara's presentation, I've learned more about myself and innovation style in the first 2-hours than I have in most day-long presentations. Her experience has opened my eyes and allowed me to truly understand and leverage my Innovator Archetype. Using the knowledge I have gained, I am sure I will be able to grow and add value in my career. "

- Stephen O’Dorisio, Senior Corporate Auditor, Arrow Electronics

“It was phenomenal… exceeded my expectation… audience took away a lot from the experience, especially ways to tackle their idea challenges immediately – I know I did!”

– Tricia Pierce, Culture of Innovation, Disney Consumer Products

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"The IQE gave us the opportunity to better understand how and where each of us adds value and as two teams that need to work together, we now have the mindset and the tools to drive innovation that sticks"

- Shelly Thobe, Director Culinary Product Innovation