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Two out of the nine power triggers, as well as one dormant trigger, combine to make up your unique Everyday Innovator style

The Innovation Triggers, explained.

At home or at work, you’ll not only understand, but actually feel how unlocking your Everyday Innovator style helps you perform at your peak. You’ll ignite innovation and be recognized as the innovator that you are. When you understand how your two power triggers work together, and discover the dormant trigger that may be slowing you down, you’ll unlock your potential and boost your success.

 Check out the descriptions below for each of the nine triggers and take a step towards understanding the innovator in you. 

As a Collaborative, you create intersections of randomness by constantly tapping disparate people and ideas.

As an Experiential, you think in motion bringing ideas to life by leaping the chasm from theory to reality.

As a Fluid, you turn ambiguity into clarity. Uncharted territory becomes your path to new ideas. 

As a Futuristic, you always think about what’s next. Tomorrow’s possibilities energize you, not today’s challenges.

As an Imaginative, your vivid mind constantly creates new things. You turn wild thinking into real world ideas. 

As an Inquisitive, curiosity defines you. You recognize that  innovation is in the questions, not the answers. 

As an Instinctual, you tap the more intuitive part of the mind.  You connect the dots in new and meaningful ways. 

As a Risk Taker, your adventurous spirit likes to take bold action. You willingly pursue unproven yet high potential ideas. 

As a Tweaker, you look for ways to improve and change. You reserve judgment an allow ideas time to grow. 

Understanding how your colleagues and team members innovate holds tremendous benefits. When you understand this interplay, you create high performance teams with: 

  • An increase in respect for how each person innovates, and the value their different approaches and opinions bring to their collective work goals. 
  • Elevated collaboration as team members understand how to leverage each other for optimized teamwork and brainstorming.
  • Greater flow of innovative ideas.
  • A decrease in resistance to moving ideas forward because there is more collaboration and buy-in throughout the process
  • Boosted morale, fun and a true sense of contribution.
  • A culture of innovation that becomes your competitive advantage in the marketplace.