Innovation Training for Individuals

People who innovate enrich their lives and increase their success, professionally and personally.

Innovation is for everybody, including you.

Yes, you.

Don't think so? Think again. Our years of research and practical application have proven that anyone can innovate.
Even better, the skills needed aren't hard to incorporate into your daily life, no matter if you're at home or at work.

So, why not stay up-to-date on the latest innovation tools and best practices? With the right  tools, you'll not only stay relevant, but also successful.

Pick the innovation tools and training that are right for you.

Learn Your Innovation Quotient Edge

Understand how you innovate using the innovation power triggers that work for you. 

IQE Pro Innovation Toolkit

Affordable, online tools and techniques to unlock the innovator in you. Offered in short, 3 minute micro-lessons. Change how you see the world, how you work, and how you relate to others.

When it comes to you, which one of these statements ring true?

I don't feel super engaged at work.

You're not alone. Only 33% of American employees are engaged, but innovation training can help. 

I'm losing my foothold.

The marketplace has quickly changed and I don't feel like I'm able to keep up. 

I'm no innovator.

Sure you are. Maybe, however, you need a different set of tools.

The culture around here stinks.

I feel helpless and wish I could contribute more to our culture.