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Our Innovation Jam Sessions work because they combine tangible innovation, behavior change principles, neuroscience and decades of real-world experience applied to your problems and opportunities. 



INNOVATION JAM SESSION: tackle today's difficult challenges with a new lens that delivers real results

The world is changing fast, creating new challenges to solve and opportunities to unearth. Our proven exercises and expert facilitation, designed specifically for the virtual and live teams, deliver break-through thinking and results.  Sessions are custom built based on your specific challenge and intended outcomes. 

Great if you are a leader that:

  • Recognizes that in order to deliver the break-through thinking needed to chart new paths, your team must see their work and your landscape through a new, more innovative lens.
  • Recognize that the current global situation has created immediate challenges that can’t wait to be solved, but yesterday’s approach is no longer working
  • Have a pressing challenge to solve, or opportunity to unearth, that requires a team ideation session.

You get:

  • A Fresh approach that delivers measurable results
  • Innovative solutions, close-in & far-out you can use
  • Unlock the innovative ideas hiding in plain site & discover new ones
  • Collaboration, buy-in and a drive towards implementation with your team

How a Jam Session works:

  • Typically 90-minute, 3-hour or full day sessions depending on bandwidth and topic
  • First your team takes our proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge assessment so they walk in with a more innovative mindset
  • The segments of the Jam Session include Unlock, Explore, Converge, Rank, Drive.
  • Agenda and exercises are expertly built by blending your needs with our human-centered innovation methodology
  • You’ll receive a report that includes all ideas generated during session, their rankings, and your completed first steps action plan.