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The reality is, changing times require a change in thinking. Massive disruption creates new challenges and opportunities. If we want to adapt and even thrive in the “new abnormal”, we must learn to tap the power of innovation.


Our proprietary human-centered innovation method works because it combines tangible innovation, behavior change principles, neuroscience and decades of real-world experience applied to today’s problems and opportunities. 



Innovation Programs Built On Proven Methods & Designed Specifically To Meet Today's Demands


Lead a team of high-performing innovators, daily Our proprietary online program first empowers your team to be innovators (IQE Assessment) and then gives them access to the ongoing tools and support (Online Academy) they need to solve difficult challenges and pivot to new opportunities across the business. 


Using innovation to solve real world challenges with your virtual and live teams. You bring the team and the problem  or opportunity you’d like to work through, and we’ll bring the proven exercises and expert facilitation. Together we’ll get clarity, ideate, and build innovative solutions when you need them most. 

EVERYDAY INNOVATORS ONLINE PLATFORM: lead strong and create a team of high-performing innovators

Be the leader that builds a team of high-performing innovators. Our proprietary online program first empowers your team to be innovators (IQE assessment) and then gives them access to the ongoing tools and support (Online Academy) they need to put innovation into action daily.  The right mix of bite-size innovation, deep dives, workshops and community creates sustainable innovation from the people up. With a new, more innovative lens your team will have what they need to deliver the break-through thinking and results you are under pressure to deliver to meet today’s demands.

online innovation programs

Great for your team if you are a leader that is:

  • Under immense pressure to innovate and pivot, yet your team isn’t delivering the thinking and results you need to make that happen
  • Frustrated that innovation happens in silos or at specific point-in-times and recognizes that in order to be competitive innovation must be everyone’s responsibility and happening daily across your entire team
  • Struggling with rapid change and requires a tool that will help your team think differently and build innovative solutions to their increasingly complex challenges.

You get:

  • A team of high-performing innovators
  • Innovation that happens daily and when you need it most
  • Build a collaborative team
  • Real and lasting behavior change
  • Ongoing support & opportunity to solve challenges, pivot and innovate

INNOVATION JAM SESSION: tackle today's difficult challenges with a new lens that delivers real results

The world is changing fast, creating new challenges to solve and opportunities to unearth. Our proven exercises and expert facilitation, designed specifically for the virtual and live teams, deliver break-through thinking and results.  Sessions are custom built based on your specific challenge and intended outcomes. 

Great if you are a leader that:

  • Recognizes that in order to deliver the break-through thinking needed to chart new paths, your team must see their work and your landscape through a new, more innovative lens.
  • Recognize that the current global situation has created immediate challenges that can’t wait to be solved but yesterday’s approach is no longer working
  • Have a pressing challenge to solve or opportunity to unearth that requires a team ideation session.

You get:

  • A Fresh approach that delivers measurable results
  • Innovative solutions, close-in & far-out you can use
  • Unlock the innovative ideas hiding in plain site & discover new ones
  • Collaboration, buy-in and a drive towards implementation with your team