The Ideal Innovator in You.

As Plato once  explained, your archetype describes “your ideal self”. So, it only makes sense that  when a person embraces their ideal self, they perform at their peak.

At LaunchStreet, we talk a lot about innovation and have the research that shows that nearly anyone can innovate. And through our work, we often refer to an individual's specific innovation strengths as their Innovation Archetype (or Innovator Archetype). When actually defined, it's "a person at their best, most innovative self".

Each innovation archetype holds within it, unique talents, traits and skills. When a person  begins to understand their archetype, and embrace it, they'll find that they see things differently, innovate when they need and want to, and ultimately increase their success.

It is important to note, a person's Innovation Archetype is unique to them. Understanding it allows  them to best unlock the natural innovation skills that may be hidden deep inside. When they finally turn  the key and open the door to innovation, they unlock their ability to think differently, apply creative problem solving, find novel and meaningful solutions to y challenges, and work smarter, not harder.

As humans, there are nine triggers, or ways that we innovate. Those nine triggers were identified through 25 years of work and experience as well as scientific research and data. Each person is more naturally powerful in some areas and weaker in others. A person who understands their Innovation Archetype allows them to play to their natural strengths. They  identify their two power triggers, the ways they naturally innovate best, and overcome their dormant trigger, their least powerful innovation skill.

We see people each day begin to learn to understand their unique and powerful combination. We see them  come together, embrace their unique Innovation Archetype, and discover how to be “their ideal self”. And we know it will  become their greatest advantage in work and life.

What is an innovation archetype