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Join the hundreds of thousands of EVERYDAY INNOVATORS like you and me
that have discovered what naturally makes them stand out from the crowd.

Free level will give you a glimpse into your highest value and greatest competitive advantage.



Discover the innovator in you and tap into the hidden power triggers that give you your innovation advantage. Power Trigger 1 combines with Power Trigger 2. Each trigger holds specific traits unique to you. When combined, you get a powerful picture of how you can harness your ability to innovate daily, perform at your highest level and contribute your brilliance to the world.

Tamara Ghandour, the creator of the Innovation Quotient Edge system, discovered one universal truth after spending over two decades of delving into mind research and measuring hundreds of thousands of people across the globe:

Everyone can innovate.

In fact, being innovative is universal. Each one of us does it in our own unique way.

We are all EVERYDAY INNOVATORS. You, me all of us – isn’t that exciting!



Based on over 20 years of work and research, the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) is the only tool that helps you unlock your greatest asset – your ability to innovate.

Myers Briggs, DISC and Emergenetics offer insights into your personality. but the IQE is the only tool that shows you how you create your highest value and perform at your peak by unlocking your natural abilities to innovate in your work and life.  As an EVERYDAY INNOVATOR, you’ll discover your stronger, more valued voice, more fulfilling experience and increase success. This isn’t about changing you, or adding to your already full toolbox. It’s about discovering what’s already true about you. 

The free level will give you a clear glimpse into how you innovate with your partial results and description. When you take the Innovation Quotient Edge assessment and access your complete report, you will learn:

  • Your complete Innovator Archetype.
  • A deep description on how you perform at your peak and add value.
  • How to tap into your greatest competitive advantage – your innovative mind.
  • Tools for using innovation as your competitive edge.
  • Methods on how to be innovative, on demand. 
  • And a whole lot more….

Innovation is universal.

Train your brain to be innovative.

Unleash your inner innovator.

Everyone is innovative.


What people say about discovering their Innovator Archetype…


I’ve taken every personality assessment out there but this is the first one that helped me understand how I bring my best, most innovative self to the world.” 
-Gayle, Minneapolis


Wow, now that i know how I innovate, I am able to do more of it. It’s that simple. I was totally playing to my weaknesses before and now I’m rocking it and people are noticing.”
-Michael, Chicago