Discover your unique EVERYDAY INNOVATOR style, and unlock the keys to being a strong innovator & confident leader

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When You realize Your Everyday Innovator Style, You Learn How To:

  • Strengthen your problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Become more nimble and able to adapt to, and even harness, change
  • Perform at your peak, get into a state of flow more often
  • Get more buy-in for your ideas with your stronger, more valued voice
  • Bring more innovative solutions to your biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Unlock the key to staying relevant in complex time
  • Understand how to work smarter, not harder 
  • Learn how to outpace change and outperform the competition

Are you ready to convert your innovative mind into your greatest competitive advantage?



Take the first step to elevating your performance, improve your problem-solving skills, strengthen your decision-making abilities, and differentiate yourself in a crowded, cluttered, competitive world. 


Your Everyday Innovator™ style holds the key to breaking through obstacles and breaking free from mediocrity


We believe that YOU are the Everyday Innovator that deserves to be recognized for your INNOVATION, INFLUENCE AND IMPACT. 

At LaunchStreet we believe (and science proves) that everyone is an Innovator, in their own unique way. We believe that most of us carry around incredible untapped potential waiting just underneath the surface. We believe being an innovator isn’t for the select few, that it shouldn’t be hard or exhausting.

In fact, we know it can be easy, even effortless. We know that unlocking your innovative mind is the not-so-secret sauce that helps you achieve full potential, perform at your peak, and elevate your game.

For a moment, imagine what’s possible if one million of us decided to step away from the trap of mediocrity and step up into our fullest potential, bringing our most unique and valued self to the world. 

Imagine the problems we’d solve in our homes, at work, our community, even the world…

Imagine the opportunities we’d unearth, the ones hiding in pain site and the ones that have never been thought of before…

And imagine the joy and satisfaction we’d feel as we bring our best self to the world and be the spark that brings out the best in those around us

Because we believe so strongly in 1MM Everyday Innovators we’ve made the assessment accessible to everyone. 


Kara talks about how her Everyday Innovator Style has helped her up her game and relate better to her colleagues. 

Are you ready to uncover your hidden strengths?
Invest in yourself and take IQE right now



How the IQE Works

In 5 minutes or fewer, the Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment, or IQE, reveals your unique Everyday Innovator style and offers insight into how you bring out your best self in everything you do. Developed using two decades of research,  a combination of neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and real-world experience the IQE walks you through a series of questions. Based on your answers and our proprietary formula, the IQE then  uncovers your hidden strengths, or Power Triggers, that give you a daily advantage.  

When you unlock your Everyday Innovator style, you:

  • Elevate your game and achieve your highest potential
  • Perform at your peak and get into a “state of flow” on demand
  • Bring more innovative solutions to your biggest challenges
  • Discover incredible opportunities all around you
  • Have a stronger, more valued voice 
  • Communicate with friends & colleagues in a way that gets you heard

Find out which Everyday Innovator style is unique to you:

  • Futuristic + Imaginative
  • Tweaker + Experiential
  • Risk Taker + Fluid
  • Or,  one of the many others


First, You’ll Receive Your 9-Page Custom Report with:

  • In depth insights into you two power triggers (wellspring of innovation) that are your competitive edge
  • Deep understanding of your one dormant trigger so it doesn’t sabotage or hold you back
  • How you perform at your peak, innovate on-demand
  • How you add value, in your unique way
  • Custom exercises based no your results that will help you get into a state of flow and unlock innovation when you need it most

Second, You’ll Receive A Series of 5 Personalized Emails To Turn Your Innovator Style Into Your Greatest Advantage:

#1 CUSTOM VIDEO ABOUT YOU: Gain insight into your unique Everyday Innovator style, what describes you and what motivates you

#2 HOW YOU STAND OUT & ADD VALUE: Learn how your Everyday Innovator style compares to the other innovator styles

#3 ELEVATE YOUR PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: Tools specifically built for your Everyday Innovator style that will sharpen your problem solving & critical thinking abilities

#4 HOW TO GET BUY-IN FOR YOUR IDEAS: Discover the keys to influencing others and getting buy-in for your innovative ideas

#5 HOW TO AVOID THE LAUNCH AND ABANDON TRAP: 3 things you can do to ensure you keep the innovation momentum going and avoid the frustration and fatigue that comes with start & stop efforts that don’t last




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