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WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED:   e-sessions, webcasts, webinars, digital programs and the first (and only) of its kind innovation assessment and toolkit.  We’ve been delivering innovation online to clients for years, so we know what it takes to deliver power-packed content in an engaging way.


Most popular: V-Sessions: using innoVation to solve real world challenges with your virtual team

Human-Centered Innovation Works.



Choose the innovation program that is right for your team.


Ignite your competitive advantage by unleashing the power of team innovation. Our proprietary IQE Assessment is the only tool able to show individuals & teams how to perform at their peak and leverage their innovation strengths in a deep, meaningful way.


Make innovation your competitive advantage, daily. Our proprietary online program first empowers your team to be Everyday Innovators (IQE Assessment) and then gives them access to the tools (IQE PRO Toolkit) they need to put innovation into action.  


In search of a tool to help you lead an exceptional team meeting or strategy session? Look no further. We’ve created entire packages to make it easy for innovative leaders like you to bring the power of the IQE program to work. 


Using innovation to solve real world challenges with your virtual team. You bring the team, we’ll bring the proven exercises and expert facilitation. Together we’ll get clarity, ideate, build innovative solutions when you need them most. 

IQE Assessment For Your Team: ignite the fires of innovation in your people

Ignite your competitive advantage by unleashing the power of innovation on your team. Our proprietary IQE Assessment is the only tool of its kind, helping people discover their innovation strengths so that they perform at their peak, add value in a deep, meaningful way and become a high-performing team that innovates and wins, together.

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Great if you are a leader that:

  • Wants to unlock the power of innovation on your team so that you stop banging your head against the wall, and start driving daily innovation.
  • Recognizes that you have a team of A-players that need to learn how to collaborate, and innovate, as a high-performing team.
  • Understands the value in helping your team grow their innovation skills, bringing out the best in themselves and those around them.

You get:

  • Unlock high-performance: Innovation Quotient Edge assessment for everyone on your team so they understand how to perform at their peak and be high-performing together.
  • Conversation starters: Team debrief packet that will help your team understand how to put their unique Everyday Innovator styles into action, and how to communicate and leverage each other’s unique styles of innovation in powerful ways.

IQE Assessment and Toolkit: be a business leader that ignites innovation

Make innovation your competitive advantage, every day. Our proprietary online program first empowers your team to be Everyday Innovators (IQE assessment) and then gives them access to the tools (IQE PRO Toolkit) they need to put innovation into action daily.  With a new, more innovative lens your team will have what they need to deliver break-through thinking and results. 

online innovation programs

Great for you if you are a team that:

  • Frustrated that innovation happens in silos or at specific point-in-times and recognizes that in order to stay competitive innovation be everyone’s responsibility and happening daily.
  • Is struggling with rapid change and requires a tool that will help them think differently and build innovative solutions to their increasingly complex challenges.
  • Needs a tool that will help tap the power of the diversity of thinking on the team, fostering productivity and innovation.

You get:

  • Ignite high-performance: Innovation Quotient Edge. assessment for your team so everyone understands their unique innovation advantage.
  • Custom team insights: We’ll deliver a custom heatmap with your team’s Everyday Innovator results, and a debrief packet to spark conversation and better understand how to collaborate, innovate and win based on your team’s diverse results.
  • Innovation at your fingertips – 24/7:  Team access to the IQE insights, exercises, and worksheets that will keep innovation front and center moving forward. Delivered in a micro-learning format so you can get it, get what you need, and get back to making innovation happen. We’ll even deliver a weekly tip to your team, ensuring innovation is always top of mind as they tackle the work ahead. 
  • BONUS: Deep innovation insight : Each member of your team will receive a copy of the book Innovation Is Everybody’s Business, giving them even deeper insights into themselves and their teammates. This will empower them to be the Everyday Innovators you need them to be in today’s complex times.  

FACILITATOR'S GUIDE: Easy tools to incorporate innovation into your next meeting

Tackle real-world challenges, build opportunity pipelines, unearth new opportunities. Leveraging our proprietary human-centered innovation method, we’ll unlock the innovation hiding inside your team and then use custom innovation exercises to build innovative and meaningful solutions, together. This is about fresh thinking layered onto real-world application.


Innovation Toolkit Team Exercises Brainstorming

Great if you are a leader that:

  • Seeks a tool that will help you overcome the struggles of lack of collaboration and innovation that are holding your back.
  • Want to lead an extraordinary session with your team that ignites big flames of innovation and energy.
  • Have a busy team that needs easy to access innovation tools your team can use to drive innovation in the moments they need it most.

You get:

  • The tools for you to shine: We’ve built complete packages to help you shine; detailed facilitator’s guides, email templates, everything you need to ignite innovation.
  • Access to the LaunchStreet team: We’re here for you. Need some guidance on how to communicate your efforts, analyze your team’s innovation heat map, whatever you need. 
  • Real-world innovation tools: These programs were built with Clients so we know they work. No hypothetical, can’t apply it exercises. We’ve tested and refined to make this work for you.

Guided V-Sessions: tackle real world challenges with your virtual team

The world is changing fast, creating new challenges to solve and opportunities to unearth. Our proven exercises and expert facilitation, designed specifically for the virtual team, deliver break-through thinking and results. Sessions typically run 45/60/90-minutes depending on size of team and clarity around challenge

Great if you are a leader that:

  • Recognizes that in order to deliver the break-through thinking needed to chart new paths, your team must see their work and your landscape through a new, more innovative lens.
  • Have a pressing challenge to solve or opportunity to unearth that requires a team ideation session, virtually
  • Recognize that the current global situation has created immediate challenges that can’t wait to be solved

You get:

  • A Fresh Approach: We’ll create the magic together by layering on a new lens of innovation to your team’s expertise. We’ll do this by first showing everyone on your team how they innovate through our proprietary IQE assessment, and then using our toolbox of custom exercises (and expert facilitation) built specifically for virtual gathers to guide the session
  • Innovative Solutions You Can Use: Due to our unique combination of team engagement, real world focus and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, your team will walk away with the insights and solution-starters they can actually get to implementation. We even like to dedicate the end of the session to next steps and ownership, ensuring “taking action” is part of the outcomes. 
  • Keep Innovation Going: A copy of Tamara’s soon to be released book, Innovation Is Everybody’ Business, along with team access to the IQE  Pro Toolkit so that you can continue the momentum and apply innovation to what lies ahead.