Let's face it, companies who innovate stay competitive. Those who don't, fall behind.

To win, innovation must be everybody's business from the executive suite to the front line staff., and everyone in between.



Choose the innovation program that is right for your team.


Ignite your competitive advantage by unleashing the power of innovation in each of your people and build a high-performing team of Everyday Innovators.





Tackle real-world challenges, build opportunity pipelines, build strategic plans for a complex world. We'll unlock the innovation hiding inside your team and then use custom innovation exercises to build innovative and meaningful solutions, together. 



Tap the power of the IQE to be a stronger leader and innovator. Begin with live training into how to be a top business innovative leader. Then get access to the leader tools you need to guide your teams in tackling the realities of their work with an innovative lens.


In search of tools to help you lead an exceptional team meeting or strategy session? Look no further. We've created entire packages to make it easy for innovative leaders like you to bring the power of the IQE program to work.



Global Fast Food Challenge: Wendy's Case Study

The Challenge

When two teams can't work well together, it's hard to achieve objectives let alone drive breakthrough innovation. That's exactly what two teams at Wendy's, the global fast food brand, were facing. While there were strong individual players, the lack of teamwork led to incremental thinking that wasn't moving the needle. The teams consistently fell short on their objectives of creating and bringing to life the breakthrough ideas Wendy's needed to compete and win in an industry that changes overnight. The teams struggled and needed a tool that would help them create a stronger culture of trust, collaboration and innovation.

The Process

Wendy's started with a DIY Innovation Quotient Edge (IQ) Workshop. Leadership recognized that in order to overcome their team challenges, they needed a tool and process that would help them connect and build a culture of innovation - one that would create a sense of trust and a foundation of innovation with which to move forward. With the support of the LaunchStreet team, Wendy's leadership led an IQE workshop. Each team member took the assessment prior to participating in a 2-hour workshop.

The Results

The results are in and they are as delicious as the fresh beef! According to Wendy's leadership, the teams walked away empowered to not only work together but also innovate. Each person not only understood their unique innovation superpowers, but also how to tap into the powers of those around them to drive innovation. The teams overcame the major obstacles holding them back. They built trust and began understanding how their teammates contributed to their goals. With a newfound understanding of how they add value and a deeper appreciation for those around them, the teams are now ready to get after innovation that will help Wendy's compete and win. Each team member taps the power of their Innovator Archetypes each day and innovates on demand. Wendy's has gained their innovation edge.

"The IQE gave us the opportunity to better understand how and where each of us adds value and as two teams that need to work together, we now have the mindset and the tools to drive innovation that sticks"

- Shelly Thobe, Director Culinary Product Innovation

Keynotes & Kick-Offs: ignite the fires of innovation in your people

Great if you are a leader that:

  • Seeks to give your teams the mindset and tools to make innovation more than words on a wall poster.
  • Wants to drive behavior change that helps you adapt and innovate in changing times.
  • Feels as if you are feeling the pressures of the marketplace and want to shake things up for the better.

You get:

  • Unlock high-performance: Innovation Quotient Edge assessment .for all attendees so everyone understands their innovation advantage.
  • Energy and Action: Tamara, founder of the IQE and president of LaunchStreet to kick-off your annual meeting, strategy retreat or team meeting. 
  • Keep Innovation Going: A copy of Tamara's soon to be released book, Innovation Is Everybody' Business.

Workshops & Programs: tackle real world challenges with a new lens

Great if you are a leader that:

  • Seeks programs that both igniting your team's potential while you're tackling real-world challenges and opportunities.
  • Recognizes the importance of delivering meaningful and innovation solutions that bypass "business-as-usual" to create break-through results
  • Looks to develop an innovation program that goes beyond the 3pm brainstorm and is infuses innovation into the daily work of your team

You get:

  • Ignite high-performance: Innovation Quotient Edge. assessment for all attendees so everyone understands their innovation advantage.
  • Innovation Deep Dive: Customize a program that includes workshops, webcasts and online tools to ensure you are tackling challenges and delivering innovation 24/7. 
  • Keep Innovation Going: A copy of Tamara's soon to be released book, Innovation Is Everybody' Business, along with team access to the IQE  Pro Toolkit.

IQE Certification & Partnerships: be a business leader that ignites innovation every day and everywhere

Great for you if you are a leader that:

  • Has the responsibility of building a culture of innovation and need the foundational element to make it happen - human-centered innovation.
  • Are a business or life coach in search of a tool that helps your Clients stay relevant in changing times.
  • Feel like having the knowledge and tools to ignite innovation all around you is a massive competitive advantage.

You get:

  • IQE Power Skill: As a trusted partner we give you it all - the deep dive into human innovation, the documents to share that knowledge and the tools for you to shine bright.
  • Access to the LaunchStreet team: We're here for you. Have a question on how to access someone's results, needs exercises to build high-performing teams, want some ideas customized to your situation? We're here for you.
  • Community: Quarterly campfires, online training, gathering of the minds. We share best practices, wins, challenges, ideas. Why? Because we know we are stronger and smarter together. 

DIY Tools: Easy tools to incorporate innovation into your next meeting

Innovation Toolkit Team Exercises Brainstorming

Great if you are a leader that:

  • Seeks a tool that will help you overcome the struggles of lack of collaboration and innovation that are holding your back.
  • Want to lead an extraordinary session with your team that ignites big flames of innovation and energy.
  • Have a busy team that needs easy to access innovation tools your team can use to drive innovation in the moments they need it most.

You get:

  • The tools for you to shine: We've built complete packages to help you shine; detailed facilitator's guides, email templates, everything you need to ignite innovation.
  • Access to the LaunchStreet team: We're here for you. Need some guidance on how to communicate your efforts, analyze your team's innovation heat map, whatever you need. 
  • Real-world innovation tools: These programs were built with Clients so we know they work. No hypothetical, can't apply it exercises. We've tested and refined to make this work for you.