When we ask small questions, we get small answers.

When we ask the same questions, we get the same answers.

When we ask status quo questions, we get status quo answers.


…when we ask big, bold questions, we get big bold answers.

Without realizing it we often ask the same standard questions over and over again and then get frustrated when we get the same answers. It’s our habitual nature at work. However, if you change your questions, you’ll change your outcomes.

Here are 5 ways to expand your questions:

#1 Challenge Assumptions: Ask questions that challenge “how it’s done” thinking. Break free from conventional thinking bu questioning underlying assumptions and norms.

What would it look like if we didn’t follow our usual process?

#2 Think About Winning: Ask questions that focus on what could go right, not what could go wrong.

What would happen if this turned out better than we expected?”

#3 Dare to Dream: Ask questions that dare to push the limits of current possibilities. Take your thinking or idea from the moon to mars.

Instead of 2% growth what would it take to get 20% growth?
(this method is a personal favorite)

#4 Think Long-Term: Shift your focus from immediate concerns to long-term impact, prompting questions that envision a future beyond the status quo.

If we accomplish this today, what would our reality be in 10 years?

#5 Seek Unconventional Wisdom: Dare to ask unconventional questions that challenge conventional wisdom and pave the way for innovative solutions.

What would it look like if we broke free from the industry norms and did it our way?