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Inside LaunchStreet Tabitha Laser business podcast innovation podcast

Stop Killing Your Company Culture with Tabitha Laser

Episode #1835

What does it take to create a successful culture? What is your company’s culture? If you can’t define your company culture, how do you know if it even exists, or if it’s working or not? The truth is, every company has a culture — it just may not be the one that you want. So...

Inside LaunchStreet Tim Staples business podcast innovation podcast

Capture Global Attention and Go Viral with Tim Staples

Episode #1834

How to break through the noise with emotion. Why do some things go viral and others don’t? Why do some ideas seem to spread like wildfire, and others fall flat? How do you create communication in ideas that are downright contagious? Tim Staples believes it’s less about the process and more about the emotion.  ...

Inside LaunchStreet Bob Tinker business podcast innovation podcast

Unlearn and Relearn, Change or Be Changed with Bob Tinker

Episode #1833

What gets you from A to B, won’t get you from B to C. Why is it just as important to unlearn and relearn, as it is to learn something in the first place? Because what got you from point A to point B, isn’t going to get you from point B to point C....

Inside LaunchStreet Marcin Kleczynski business podcast innovation podcast

Innovating in an Ever-Changing Industry with Marcin Kleczynski

Episode #1832

A company culture that drives innovation. In an industry that’s changing and evolving rapidly, how can entrepreneurs stay ahead of the competition and encourage their team to innovate? It really boils down to a unique culture that reduces hierarchy, fosters independence, and rewards innovation. That’s exactly the kind of company Marcin Kleczynski has built with...

Inside LaunchStreet Dana Cavalea business podcast innovation podcast

What It Takes to Make a Champion with Dana Cavalea

Episode #1831

Do what you’re most called to do, and do it consistently. Work smarter, not harder — sometimes, it’s easier said than done but in many ways, that’s what champions and athletes do. Yet, what does it even mean to be a champion, and how can you get there? Dana Cavalea breaks it down for us....

Inside LaunchStreet Lindsay Pedersen business podcast innovation podcast

1830: Create an Ironclad Brand with Lindsay Pedersen

Episode #1830

Give your team the clarity to innovate! What does your brand stand for in the minds of your audience? Does your branding have clarity in message and purpose so that your customers immediately know what you stand for and what your values are? If not, you need to hear from expert brand strategist and leadership...

Inside LaunchStreet Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock

Confidence, Gratitude, and Innovation with Laleh Hancock

Episode #1829

Turn your problems into possibilities with gratitude. Confidence. Some people seem to have infinite amounts of it, never doubting themselves as they speak up, take risks, and pursue innovation. Yet, others seem to struggle with self-doubt and fear in even the smallest things that they do. Laleh Hancock is an expert on the topic and...

From Theory to Reality with Andre Filip

Episode #1828

Taking action never gets comfortable, you just get used to it. In innovation, there is often a chasm between theory and reality. On paper, the greatest ideas look crazy, but the ones we reward in real life are often those same ones. So how do you move ideas from theory to reality? That’s what Andre...

Inside LaunchStreet Smokin Mary business podcast innovation podcast

Thinking Differently About What’s Right in Front of You with Laurie Nadeau

Episode #1827

A frustration that turned into a delicious opportunity. Innovation doesn’t just have to be disruptive. Often times, the best innovation comes from thinking differently about what's right in front of you. When faced with a lot of leftover tomatoes, Laurie Nadeau stumbled upon an incredibly innovative (and delicious) use for them.   Laurie is the...

Inside LaunchStreet Greg Satell business podcast innovation podcast

Creating Movements to Ignite Change with Greg Satell

Episode #1826

The movements that endure are always about values. How do you create a movement and why does that matter so much when you’re trying to ignite change? Today’s world is more fluid and interconnected than ever before, and having a business is no longer a one-way communication with your customer or just a transaction. In...