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Becoming a Modern Seller

Episode 1865 - Interview with Amy Franko

Listen now to this episode on Inside LaunchStreet: Download Link | iTunes | Stitcher Radio   Prove your value by leveraging the five dimensions of a modern seller. We may not realize it but we’re all in sales and we’re all selling at any given time. Whether we’re leaders, team members, or actual sales staff,…

Q & A — Expectation vs. Reality for Innovation

Episode 1864

Listen now to this episode on Inside LaunchStreet:    Download Link | iTunes | Stitcher Radio   How you can address expectations for innovation and the reality not matching up at your company. We’re adding in a new format to the podcast to answer your questions! Whatever your challenges, hurdles, and roadblocks are, I want…

The Five Frequencies

Episode 1863 - Interview with Jeff Grimshaw

Listen now to this episode on Inside LaunchStreet: Download Link | iTunes | Stitcher Radio   The five frequencies leaders need to turn their company culture into a competitive advantage. Increasingly more organizations are actually recognizing that they have to be more serious about culture than they ever have before. But why is culture so…

Communication and Persuasion

Episode 1862 - Interview with Lee Carter

Convincing Others When the Facts Don’t Seem to Matter. One side of communication is how to be more innovative and create ideas, but the other side of this, and what I believe is the most essential element in communication — how to communicate your ideas and get buy-in. In today’s world where the facts don’t…

Focus and Leadership

Episode 1861 - Interview with Tristan Wright

Helping people scale their business mountains. Tristan Wright, founder of Evolve to Grow, offers business owners more than just buzzwords and vague advice. Built on the experience of his own business successes and failures, he shows business owners how to grow their businesses while reducing workload, and keep them focused and accountable along the way….

Defining Your Leadership Brand with Chrisa Zindros Boyce

Episode 1860

Clarifying your dream, not listening to your ‘chicken’ and power shifting. Most of us have a sense that if we’re really brilliant at our job, we’ll eventually get promoted to a leadership role, but something we often don’t realize is that doing and leading are two different things. And being great at doing, doesn’t mean…

The LaunchStreet Journey with Tamara Ghandour

Episode 1859

Getting to know Tamara and why she became obsessed with innovation. I recently realized how many people we have who are new to the community and I wanted to take a moment to share a little bit about myself, my background, and the LaunchStreet journey. In particular, I want to share how I became obsessed…

Whole-Brain Leadership with Katherine LaVelle

Episode 1858

Cultivating “right-brain” skills to be a better leader. Let’s face it: To be a good, effective leader in today’s complex and crowded marketplace, leaders need some new skills, and they are skills that we don’t normally talk about or associate with the traditional viewpoint of leadership — things like empathy and intuition. Apart from just…

Making Innovation Actionable with Tristan Kromer

Episode 1857

How to build a culture of experimentation. We often take innovation, which should be an “all-the-time” thing, and turn it into a point-in-time exercise, and that’s where companies often get stuck and don’t see innovation happening in their organization. Innovation is about thinking differently across the board, and Tristan Kromer is helping companies make innovation…

Seeing Opportunities, Leadership, and Culture with Greg Koberger

Episode 1856

You don’t always have to answer the question the way it’s being asked. So many people encounter frustrations in their lives, but shrug it off and do nothing about it. Greg Koberger is someone who experienced a frustration and decided to do something about it. While creating a solution that benefits millions of people and…