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Tamara Ghandour Inside LaunchStreet

The LaunchStreet Journey

Getting to know Tamara and why she became obsessed with innovation.

I am a strong believer that everyone should be obsessed with innovation, and that given the room and the ability to unleash it, everyone is and can be innovative in their own unique way. 



Seek, Seed, and Scale Innovation with Amy Radin

Episode 1814

A framework for being a change maker. Have you ever wondered why innovation processes seem to be so complex, almost hard to follow? That’s because people often complicate processes unnecessarily when they are afraid or unsure of what to do. Lucky for us, Amy Radin has a simple but powerful framework that you can use…

Business Insights through Music with Roger Nierenberg

Episode 1813

What can organizations learn from an orchestra? They may sound completely unrelated, but an orchestra can actually teach us a lot about a business. By creating an unforgettable learning experience for teams and organizations through The Music Paradigm®, Roger Nierenberg helps them get new insights about the business. Roger Nierenberg is a conductor who leads…

The Power of Beautiful Questions with Warren Berger

Episode 1812

A podcast about questions, not the answers. What drives innovation is often not the answers, but the questions we ask. These are not the questions that you’ve always been asking or the questions that keep you stuck, causing endless frustration. The questions that drive innovation are Beautiful Questions — questions that lead to new paths…

Make Your Message Count and Get Buy-in for Your Ideas with Joel Schwartzberg

Episode 1811

Removing the barrier to buy-in with effective communication. Half the battle of innovation is coming up with ideas and thinking differently about what’s in front of us. The other half is communicating that idea effectively to get buy-in, and that’s where lots of us stumble. Joel Schwartzberg helps people like us remove the barrier to…

How to Gain Velocity in Your Business with Jack Bergstrand

Episode 1810

Velocity is speed AND direction! Organizations these days are all about being nimble and innovative, but it is just as important for them to make the right decisions and move in the right directions. Balancing being stuck in analysis paralysis against reckless implementation can be tricky. Jack Bergstrand helps companies do just that and gain…

How to Shift Ahead with Allen Adamson

Episode 1809

Someone’s going to disrupt — it might as well be you As business owners, we all want success — but how do you go about achieving success? Even more critically, once you are successful, how do you maintain that level of success? The answer is almost certainly innovation and staying ahead of the curve, but…

How To Innovate In a World Driven By Speed, Ease, and Convenience With Shep Hyken

Episode 1808

Next Time Converts to a Lifetime of Loyalty As consumers, we pay a lot for convenience. We want it faster, at our doorsteps, easier to handle… you get the point. So how do you innovate in a world driven by speed and ease? In a lot of ways. Inside LaunchStreet guest Shep Hyken shows why…

What GE’s FirstBuild Innovation Lab Teaches Us About Successful Innovation With Taylor Dawson

Episode 1807

Ready, Set, LAUNCH! Why do so many innovations fail? The most recent stat I read claims that 97% of new product ideas fail before they hit the one-year mark. Those are pretty low odds. But, not for Taylor Dawson, co-founder of GEs First Build Innovation Lab. They had a high rate of success, especially given…

How Diversity In People and Thinking Leads To Innovation, With Kelly McDonald

Episode 1806

Birds of a Feather Should NOT Flock Together Ideas that come from birds of a feather tend to die. Having the same people, with the same background, all looking at the same information isn’t going to make that magical innovation genie appear. But, ideas that come from diversity in thinking, thrive. Marketing, consumer trends, and…

Pushing Against A Legacy Industry To Drive Innovation with Brian Benstock

Episode 1805

Why Shared Control is Forcing Change Want to know what it’s like to push the boundaries of an industry? To do what others are afraid to do? And to see the payoff a willingness to change and innovate? Me too! That’s why I had Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda on Inside LaunchStreet. He’s in the…