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Getting to know Tamara and why she became obsessed with innovation.

I am a strong believer that everyone should be obsessed with innovation, and that given the room and the ability to unleash it, everyone is and can be innovative in their own unique way. 


How to Shift Ahead with Allen Adamson

Episode 1809

Someone’s going to disrupt — it might as well be you As business owners, we all want success — but how do you go about achieving success? Even more critically, once you are successful, how do you maintain that level of success? The answer is almost certainly innovation and staying ahead of the curve, but…

How To Innovate In a World Driven By Speed, Ease, and Convenience With Shep Hyken

Episode 1808

Next Time Converts to a Lifetime of Loyalty As consumers, we pay a lot for convenience. We want it faster, at our doorsteps, easier to handle… you get the point. So how do you innovate in a world driven by speed and ease? In a lot of ways. Inside LaunchStreet guest Shep Hyken shows why…

What GE’s FirstBuild Innovation Lab Teaches Us About Successful Innovation With Taylor Dawson

Episode 1807

Ready, Set, LAUNCH! Why do so many innovations fail? The most recent stat I read claims that 97% of new product ideas fail before they hit the one-year mark. Those are pretty low odds. But, not for Taylor Dawson, co-founder of GEs First Build Innovation Lab. They had a high rate of success, especially given…

How Diversity In People and Thinking Leads To Innovation, With Kelly McDonald

Episode 1806

Birds of a Feather Should NOT Flock Together Ideas that come from birds of a feather tend to die. Having the same people, with the same background, all looking at the same information isn’t going to make that magical innovation genie appear. But, ideas that come from diversity in thinking, thrive. Marketing, consumer trends, and…

Pushing Against A Legacy Industry To Drive Innovation with Brian Benstock

Episode 1805

Why Shared Control is Forcing Change Want to know what it’s like to push the boundaries of an industry? To do what others are afraid to do? And to see the payoff a willingness to change and innovate? Me too! That’s why I had Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda on Inside LaunchStreet. He’s in the…

The Power Of Grit with Angela Duckworth

Episode 1804

Grit Is the Key Player of Success Do you ever wonder why some people succeed and some don’t — especially when they seem to start out on an even playing field? Well, that’s exactly what our Inside LaunchStreet guest, Angela Duckworth, wondered and took the time to research. She studies everyone from CEOs to West…

The Primal Mind (Part 1 of 2)

Episode 1872

Listen now to this episode on Inside LaunchStreet: Download Link | iTunes | Stitcher Radio   Overcoming the part of your brain that’s holding you back. I often get questions about what I’m reading, what I’m learning out of it, how it impacts how I think about my personal and professional life, and how it…

Innovation Lessons from the epic Crystal Pepsi Failure with Kyle Murray

Episode 1803

Learning from Failure is Integral to Success Learning from failure is integral to innovation. And it’s best if it’s someone else’s. It’s a free lesson. And that’s exactly what Kyle Murray did with the epic failure back in the day of Crystal Pepsi. He dug deep to understand why it failed and how we can…

Best Innovation Interviews of 2018 With Tamara Ghandour

Episode 1802

Unwrapping Innovation Nuggets of Gold In this episode, I pull out five clips from a range of incredible innovators that have stopped by and shared their brilliance on Inside LaunchStreet in 2018. They range from an Intrapreneur shaking up his large, bureaucratic company, a Silicon Valley pitch expert, a master investor, a pair of rocking…

What To Do To Stay Relevant In The Exploration Age With Greg Satell

Episode 1801

The Importance of Preparing Rather Than Adapting We’ve entered a new era. One that requires us to solve challenges we’ve never seen and explore solutions we’ve never created. If you are like me, sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around it. And that’s why I had Greg Satell on Inside LaunchStreet. He is the…