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The LaunchStreet Journey

Getting to know Tamara and why she became obsessed with innovation.

I am a strong believer that everyone should be obsessed with innovation, and that given the room and the ability to unleash it, everyone is and can be innovative in their own unique way. 



How Entrepreneurs Have Impacted Our World — Good, Bad and Ugly with Joe Carlen

Episode 1716

It’s Good to Look Back in History and Examine Entrepreneurs of the Past. Inside LaunchStreet interviews Joe Carlen. He is steeped in entrepreneurship, with both his valuation work with entrepreneurs, and research. He has written several books, including his most recent, A Brief History of Entrepreneurship: The Pioneers, Profiteers, and Racketeers Who Shaped Our World….

Creating A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace Is Your Competitive Advantage In The Marketplace with Maureen Berkner Boyt

Episode 1715

True Success in Business Lies Neither Within the “Shrink it and Pink it” Theory or in Eating Pie! Inside LaunchStreet interviews Maureen Berkner Boyt, the founder of The Movie Exchange, a training and mentoring organization for companies who want to develop, promote and retain women and create an inclusive workplace. We delve into why diversity…

The Three Essential Questions Every Brand Must Answer And How Getting Customers Laid Will Grow Your Business with Deb Gabor

Episode 1714

Get a laser focus perspective on your brand. If you don’t, you’ll end up breaking your brand promise. Inside LaunchStreet interviews Deb Gabor, a brand dominatrix, the author of the book, Branding is Sex, and founder of SOL Marketing . She has worked with big name clients, ranging from Microsoft and NBC Universal, to digital brands like Allrecipes. We dig deep into why branding…

The Power of Intuition, Meditation, and NLP to Help You Become a More Decisive Leader with Peggy Caruso

Episode 1713

  Inside LaunchStreet interviews Peggy Caruso, the owner of Life Coaching and Beyond, a certified Executive and Personal Development Coach, Advanced Relaxation Therapist, and NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Master Practitioner. She is the author of a series of books, called Revolutionize. Her latest book, Revolutionize Your Corporate Life, can be found across the globe. We…

How to Be More Innovative by Tapping the Power of Lateral Thinking and Human Emotions with Paul Sloane

Episode 1712

  Inside LaunchStreet interviews Paul Sloane, a leading innovation thought leader and keynote speaker. He is the author of 25 books, including his most recent, Think Like An Innovator. He advises a range of organizations with thought provoking puzzles and lateral thinking techniques through keynotes, workshops and his books. We talk about why being innovative…

Building a Startup that Launches Breakthrough Products and Wows the Marketplace with Jonathon Perrelli

Episode 1711

  Inside LaunchStreet interviews Jonathon Perrelli, the inventor of LifeFuels, and the co-creator of the document and the following entrepreneur courses, Startupland. He advises and has invested in dozens of startups, and often speaks about startups, entrepreneurships, and financing. We delve into what it takes to launch a disruptive invention, how you sometimes have to…

How To Disrupt A Category and Drive Change with Your Ideas with Philip Winter

Episode 1710

  Inside LaunchStreet interviews Philip Winter, the Co-Founder & CEO of Nebia, currently reinventing the way people shower. Nebia is a San Francisco-based startup that has built a new shower system based on a better experience and unprecedented water savings. The company is backed by leading investors in Silicon Valley, including Y-Combinator. Nebia raised over…

Powerful communication technique for your next big meeting, presentation or Ted Talk with Kirsten Birkeland

Episode 1709

  Inside LaunchStreet interviews Kirsten Birkeland, the founder of PrepTalk Coaching, and is a top coach to C-suite, executives, and Ted speakers. We dive into the big mistakes many of us make, that minimize our ideas, how to communicate with clarity and power, and what communication for success really looks like. Download Link | iTunes…

How drawing and visual innovation add clarity, creativity, ideas and buy-in to your business with Chris Chopyak

Episode 1708

  Inside LaunchStreet interviews Chris Chopyak, the founder of ArloSoul, a global consulting firm that uses visual innovation and strategy to create inspired growth. She is also author of Picture Your Business Strategy. Chris and I cover everything from the power of drawing on ideation and team buy-in to how to leverage visual strategy in…

How to bring innovation to life for your brand with pop up retail experiences with Melissa Gonzales

Episode 1707

Inside LaunchStreet interviews Melissa Gonzalez, the president of The Lionesque Group -pop up retail architects. Her company has created and managed more than 100 pop-up experiences. Her work has won numerous awards due to her leading edge work. We dig deep into why pop up experiences have the opportunity to deliver incredible brand experiences, build…