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Getting to know Tamara and why she became obsessed with innovation.

I am a strong believer that everyone should be obsessed with innovation, and that given the room and the ability to unleash it, everyone is and can be innovative in their own unique way. 


Three Critical Phases of Innovation with Jurgen Appelo

Episode 1839

Startup, scaleup, screwup In this episode, we’re diving into the three critical phases of innovation — startup, scaleup, and screwup. That’s not a mistake — repeat guest on the podcast, Jurgen Appelo, has authored his second book with just that title and he explains just what that means.   In the ‘startup’ phase, companies are…

The Link Between Customer Behavior and the Success of Your Business with Jeff Gothelf

Episode 1838

Don’t start with the product, start with the outcome. As a business, how do you figure out what your customers need, and how do you apply that customer-centric viewpoint to your internal processes so that it’s infused into everything that you do? Jeff Gothelf joins me to dive into why it’s so important for us…

Leveraging the Might of Large Corporations for the Greater Good with Alain Sylvain

Episode 1837

Brands as an active challenger of culture. In recent years, there has been a massive shift in the business world from brands and businesses being a passive stage for culture, to one where they are active challengers of culture. The role of business in people’s personal lives is very different than it was — the…

Real Estate Investing Secrets with Marco Santarelli

Episode 1836

Insights to apply to your own business. Today’s guest is not my usual kind of guest, but I have always believed in going wide and going deep in innovation. Looking outside our own backyard is sometimes necessary to avoid becoming too myopic in our outlook, which is why I have Marco Santarelli, real estate innovator,…

Stop Killing Your Company Culture with Tabitha Laser

Episode 1835

What does it take to create a successful culture? What is your company’s culture? If you can’t define your company culture, how do you know if it even exists, or if it’s working or not? The truth is, every company has a culture — it just may not be the one that you want. So…

Capture Global Attention and Go Viral with Tim Staples

Episode 1834

How to break through the noise with emotion. Why do some things go viral and others don’t? Why do some ideas seem to spread like wildfire, and others fall flat? How do you create communication in ideas that are downright contagious? Tim Staples believes it’s less about the process and more about the emotion.  …

Unlearn and Relearn, Change or Be Changed with Bob Tinker

Episode 1833

What gets you from A to B, won’t get you from B to C. Why is it just as important to unlearn and relearn, as it is to learn something in the first place? Because what got you from point A to point B, isn’t going to get you from point B to point C….

Innovating in an Ever-Changing Industry with Marcin Kleczynski

Episode 1832

A company culture that drives innovation. In an industry that’s changing and evolving rapidly, how can entrepreneurs stay ahead of the competition and encourage their team to innovate? It really boils down to a unique culture that reduces hierarchy, fosters independence, and rewards innovation. That’s exactly the kind of company Marcin Kleczynski has built with…

What It Takes to Make a Champion with Dana Cavalea

Episode 1831

Do what you’re most called to do, and do it consistently. Work smarter, not harder — sometimes, it’s easier said than done but in many ways, that’s what champions and athletes do. Yet, what does it even mean to be a champion, and how can you get there? Dana Cavalea breaks it down for us….

Create an Ironclad Brand with Lindsay Pedersen

Episode 1830

Give your team the clarity to innovate! What does your brand stand for in the minds of your audience? Does your branding have clarity in message and purpose so that your customers immediately know what you stand for and what your values are? If not, you need to hear from expert brand strategist and leadership…