Burst of Innovation – Stay Relevant As Technology Takes Over – How to Become Part of the Insight Economy

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The gap between technology and humans is shrinking. A study by McKinsey shows that more than 30% of activities can be automated for 6 of 10 jobs. This is a trend that is not just on the rise, but also affecting jobs across all industries, at all organizational levels. However, this presents an incredible opportunity to leverage technology, become more innovative, and add value to stay relevant. All it takes is three simple strategies that you can start implementing now.


Shift Your Mindset
Many people think about digital disruption as “technology is taking over my job.” This comes from a place of fear and the mindset that something is being taken away. What we need to do to stay relevant is shift that mindset to “how can I leverage this technology to be better at my job by providing more solutions and insights?” 


It’s a subtle but important flip that a lot of us need to make. Stop seeing technology as something that’s taking away tasks from your job. Start asking yourself how you can use this technology to your advantage to benefit you and what you’re trying to accomplish.


Provide Insights, Not Information

I recently answered a question on the podcast about how to stay relevant when technology has taken over tasks like producing reports, tasks that you used to be valued for. The thing is, while technology can provide information, it cannot provide insights.


Information alone is not enough. Technology can help us produce information and data, but this isn’t enough. We need to go from information to insights, and that’s where our value as humans lies. That’s where we can find our voice and relevance in our organizations, and become a part of the insight economy.


It is an incredibly human capability to see patterns and glean insights from information, particularly things that are non-linear or non-obvious. By using technology to provide the information, you can focus on providing insights that will help you contribute in a meaningful way. 


To move from information to insight, ask questions like:

  • What does the data tell you? 
  • What are the patterns and connections? How can you use them to determine the next steps? 
  • What does this information tell me about what decisions I need to make?


Asking yourself these simple questions can take you from just being worried about technology, data, and information, to understanding how to best leverage it.


Be Innovative

Technology is incredible at doing the baseline work for us, and this gives us the chance to be more innovative. Because we are no longer stuck doing mundane work which technology can now do, we have the opportunity to innovate – just by thinking differently about what’s right in front of us.


Look at the people you admire – whether it’s listening to their podcast, or following them on social media, or they’re leaders at work. They are not just spewing data or overloading you with information. What they’re doing (and the reason why you value them), is coming up with innovative solutions based on data and information, or finding new opportunities and solving challenges, using what technology can do for them.


Become a Part of the Insight Economy

The people who are winning in today’s marketplace are those who are a part of the insight economy. It’s something that everyone has an opportunity to be a part of, not something reserved for just a select few with special titles or skills. Innovation and providing insights is something that all of us are capable of doing.


Being innovative is universal, but how we innovate is individual to each of us. [Find out your unique innovation style here!] That’s how you can stand out at the workplace – start thinking about where in your workplace you can be innovative and provide insights, in the unique way that only you can.


The reality is, technology can and should do some of the mundane tasks that we’ve been doing for a long time. Everything that technology can do is now the baseline, and in order to win in this environment, we need to be a step up. That’s why we need to implement these three simple strategies to keep up with the speed of business.


Shift your mindset and start thinking about technology as a tool that frees up your time to do more valuable tasks. Start providing insights that technology can’t. Be more innovative in thinking differently about things that are right in front of you. 


As you maximize the capabilities of technology to help make sense of and understand the immense amount of data and information that exists, you too can become a part of the insight economy.

Watch the video to learn how to become part of the insight economy.