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Tamara Ghandour

business leader & innovator

“It was phenomenal…exceeded my expectations…audience took away a lot from the experience, especially how to tackle their idea challenges immediately!”

Tricia Pierce, Disney Consumer Products

“Tamara’s a dynamic presenter. Not all virtual events are engaging, let’s be honest. But Tamara’s high energy, passion, and interactivity created a dynamic experience. I am so excited to implement her exercises to generate more innovative ideas. The IQE Assessment was so insightful and a great starting point to understand my strengths and opportunities within innovation. Thank you for making an intimidating topic feel approachable.”

Jenn DeWall, CrestComm

“One of the best keynote sessions, I’ve attended in the recent past. Interesting, Engaging and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your real-life stories.”

Vish Walia, Microsoft

“I had a great time learning about Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment at SOCOM. I look forward to reading Think Sideways and learning to Jump on 2!”

Crystal Volmar

“I first saw Tamara speak at a Women’s conference. It was during a time when I was reevaluating my business model and needed to find the exact right change. Tamara’s session helped me get out of my own limiting perspective and approach the situation very differently. It is a long story, but this path ultimately led to me selling my company – allowing my business partner (my mom!) to retire. I knew that my local association could benefit from Tamara’s message, so this year I suggested we bring her out to a tradeshow event. The response was overwhelmingly positive. I am still hearing rave reviews!”

Lindsey Whitney, Rocky Mountain Regional Promotional Products Association

“Tamara’s webinar motivates and engages virtual participants to explore and understand the 9 traits of innovative people. Her session offers participants intuitive and easily digestible tools they can immediately implement to begin fostering a culture of innovation at their workplace. Prepare for a powerful and engaging virtual experience.”

Naomi Fisher, NCHRA Program Manager



Live and Virtual

keynotes & workshops


Innovation keynote speaker, Tamara Ghandour shares big league experience, in-depth research, and inspiration in just the right mix of high-energy, high-impact keynotes and webcasts.

Participants leave energized and equipped to get unstuck, increase relevancy and gain the competitive edge.

In today’s business climate, people and organizations cannot afford to maintain business-as-usual. As competition intensifies, customer’s demands shift and technology accelerates, people must learn to build a lasting culture of innovation from the ground up. And that’s where Tamara’s leading-edge work in human-innovation comes in. In a thought-provoking, high-energy, and actionable way, Tamara helps audiences realize their full potential and competitive advantage, through the power of their innovative minds.

What to expect from Tamara’s engaging keynotes

  • Watch the excitement and energy rise as participants unlock their innovative minds by taking Tamara’s proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) assessment before they even enter the conference doors.
  • It’s as if Tamara speaks directly to each participant as she shares insights into how the different Everyday Innovator styles tap their unique abilities to stay relevant, gain the edge and win.
  • Participants learn why innovation, both individually and as a team, is the key driver for competitive advantage, growth, and profitability.
  • Whether it’s a corporate kick-off meeting, association conference, industry gathering or a virtual summit, Tamara gives audiences members a new lens to view their worlds, transforming them into Everyday Innovators that take action and ignite innovation daily.


most popular topics

Moving at the Speed of Innovation

Moving at the Speed of Innovation:

A leader’s playbook to successfully navigate change and drive innovation to compete and win the “next normal”.

The Courage to be an Everyday Innovator

The Courage to be an Everyday Innovator:

How to be the strong leader and confident innovator your team, clients and organizations need right now.

How Drive Innovate and Navigate Change

How Drive Innovate and Navigate Change:

A playbook to overcome the resistors to change that are sabotaging your efforts and transform chaos and uncertainty into innovation and opportunity.

Ideate and Co-Create Your Future

Ideate and Co-Create Your Future:

An interactive session that connects attendees to unlock the ideas hiding in plain sight and leverage the power of collective wisdom to innovate and win in today’s marketplace.

Tapping the Power of Innovation to _____________.

Tapping the Power of Innovation to _____________:

In your industry or job specific keynote Tamara will show your audience how to tap the power of innovation to go further faster. For example, Tapping the Power of Innovation to Close More Deals (sales leaders), Tap the Power of Innovation to Build a Winning Culture (HR and managers).

Innovation is Everybody’s Business

Innovation is Everybody’s Business:

How to foster a sustainable culture of innovation that embraces change and continually fosters innovative ideas and people that move your work further, faster.

three levels of

keynote speaking


  • Keynote/Workshop (live or virtual)
  • IQE® assessment & Everyday Innovator reports ®all attendees
  • Pre-event promotional video


  • Everything from Silver, Plus:
  • Innovation is Everybody’s Business Books for all attendees
  • 1 Year Toolbox access for all attendees


  • Everything from Gold, Plus:
  • Facilitation of crowd-sourced innovation panel post keynote
  • Everyday Innovators® Activity Card Deck for all Attendees

Custom or mix and match packages available upon request