Tamara Ghandour brings her "A" game as well as her big league experience, her extensive research and her inspirational, actionable innovation ideas to each one of her speaking engagements.

She’ll leave you wanting more.

“It was phenomenal…exceeded my expectations…audience took away a lot from the experience, especially how to tackle their idea challenges immediately!”

– Tricia Pierce, Culture of Innovation, Disney Consumer Products

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In today’s business climate, organizations cannot afford to maintain the status quo. As competition intensifies, companies must focus on innovation and creativity and differentiate themselves from the competition. And that's where Tamara Ghandour, an incredible innovation keynote speaker, steps in.

Delivering inspiring keynotes with actionable takeaways to companies both big and small, Tamara not only leaves you wanting more, but motivated to make change and make change now. When you hire Tamara Ghandour, one of the top women business speakers, you get more than your run of the mill innovation keynote.

What to expect

Tamara’s innovation keynotes begin before the conference even gets started. Participants prepare by taking the Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment, the only tool able to measure people’s natural innovation strengths. The IQE delivers insights and tools that show participants how to perform at their peak and bring innovative ideas to the table. It not only enables, but encourages them to shine as a high value team member.

At the conference, Tamara’s engaging keynotes bring to life the importance of innovation where she shares true-to-life stories and hands-on activities designed to spark the creativity in each participant. She shows you why Innovation is the key driver of competitive advantage, growth and profitability.

As the founder of a thriving business, LaunchStreet – the online education and community platform that helps people innovate and differentiate in an oversaturated world - Tamara knows what it takes to drive growth and innovation in an ever-changing marketplace. She knows that cultivating the capability to create and innovate is essential to any organization’s success.

While innovation and creativity may seem easy for companies like Uber or Dollar Shave Club, during her innovation keynotes, Tamara shares why most companies struggle to create a culture that produces consistent innovation. She then shows how anyone can create a culture that inspires new thinking, customer focus, experimentation, and business growth.

What keynote participants say...

"With the IQE assessment and Tamara's presentation, I've learned more about myself and innovation style in the first 2-hours than I have in most day-long presentations. Her experience has opened my eyes and allowed me to truly understand and leverage my Innovator Archetype. Using the knowledge I have gained, I am sure I will be able to grow and add value in my career. "   - Stephen O’Dorisio, Senior Corporate Auditor, Arrow Electronics

“WOW! You are the best and possibly only imagination mover I have ever had effect me the way you did. I have shared your stories and enthusiasm with pretty much everyone I have come in contact with over the last 2 days.”      – Chamber of Commerce Attendee

“Tamara is one of the best instructors they’ve had!”     – Jennifer Baessler, Adams County Sheriff Department Meeting Planner

"I first saw Tamara speak at a Women’s conference. It was during a time when I was reevaluating my business model and needed to find the exact right change. Tamara’s session helped me get out of my own limiting perspective and approach the situation very differently. It is a long story, but this path ultimately led to me selling my company – allowing my business partner (my mom!) to retire. I knew that my local association could benefit from Tamara’s message, so this year I suggested we bring her out to a tradeshow event. The response was overwhelmingly positive. I am still hearing rave reviews!"  - Lindsey Whitney - Rocky Mountain Regional Promotional Products Association


Join people around the globe who have benefitted from Tamara Ghandour's innovation keynote speaking and training

When you hire Tamara, you get...

She shakes things up with "a-ha" moments.

With tools you can quickly implement.

Hear great stories.  Walk away with great tools.

"WOWs" happen on and off stage.

Tamara’s highly interactive and wildly popular innovation keynotes include:

How to Out-Maneuver the Marketplace and Out-Perform the Competition at Lightning Speed

If you aren’t continually innovating and pivoting, you are on a fast path to irrelevance. To compete in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced landscape, organizations and leaders must learn to create a culture where innovation is the norm and adaptability is the requirement. This is a fast-paced innovation keynote, like the speed today’s business requires.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a culture of innovation from the inside out, where everyone participates and impacts the bottom line
  • Unlock your greatest resource, the untapped innovative minds of your team
  • Transform your organization into a gym of innovation where growth and measurable results are the norm
  • Overcome the hidden barriers to innovation that are hindering results
  • Benefit from the compounding value of daily innovation for exponential growth

How to Transform Your Organization from Change Agents to Change Artists, and Become Masters of the Marketplace

The biggest myth out there killing organizations is thinking that they need more change agents to combat status quo thinking. You don’t need more disruption. It’s happening already all around you. The marketplace, the competition, and the customer are always changing. Someone is always going to disrupt your work.

Instead what you need to truly win is change artists, people that are able to leverage and harness change to your advantage. People that are able to transform change from an unknown challenge to a known asset. That’s how you stop spinning your wheels and start winning in today’s fast-paced landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how change agents and other deliberate efforts to disrupt your business are actually hurting your success
  • Transform people into change artists who can leverage the change happening around you
  • Empower your people to be Change Artists by first recognizing how they innovate, their Unique Innovation Profiles
  • Avoid the innovation traps of indifference that are slowing down growth
  • Discover how to break down the barriers to innovation both inside your organization and in the marketplace

Discover How The Innovator’s Mind Is Inside All Of Us

The innovator’s mind is curious, bold and always working. It is also inside all of us. But, not everyone innovates the same way. While innovation has become an organizational mandate and critical job description, we expect innovation to be accomplished somehow in the same institutionalized way. This shuts out 99% of your people. Then we wonder why fresh ideas never get created or, when they do surface, why they are never implemented.

Tamara’s proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) assessment engages the nine key triggers of innovation to identify and leverage your untapped potential. The only assessment that can quantify how you innovative, will show you how understanding Unique Innovation Profiles, especially your own IQE, will help your team discover how to work smart and bring more innovative thinking to work and life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Avoid the innovation pitfalls of exclusivity and siloing that kill morale, performance and results for most organizations and within most people
  • Discover your greatest untapped asset – your Innovator Profile – and be yourself, at your best
  • Engage your peak performance, and deliver more innovative thinking to your work and life
  • Discover how being you, at your best, is your competitive advantage
  • Create an environment where everyone on your team has permission to innovate and deliver their best performance.

How to Tap Your Company’s Greatest Asset for Improved Performance, Engagement and Bottom Line Results

Your most important customers aren’t the people that buy your products and services. Rather, they’re the people inside your organization. Top-performing organizations recognize that the bottom lines improve most dramatically when their people are engaged enthusiastically. Yet most organizations settle for luke-warm employees and average productivity.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, mere job satisfaction isn’t enough to attract or retain top talent or compete in the marketplace. A culture of innovation is the secret ingredient for enthusiastically engaged employees who work with passion every day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Drive innovation from the inside out for increased buy-in and implementation
  • Empower and engage everyone by leveraging the IQEs – Unique Innovator Profiles of your people and the interplay of those profiles among your team.
  • Discover the biggest mistakes most organizations in employee engagement, and how to avoid them
  • Decode the blueprint to a culture of innovation where people and ideas thrive and mediocre monkeys are minimized
  • Guide your team members from mere satisfaction to enthusiastic engagement, buzzing with energy daily

7 Ways Leaders Kill Innovation and How to Avoid Them

Your innovation mandate sounds like lip-service and nonsensical business-consulting jargon. A bullet point in your value statements or a town hall meeting are not enough. Innovation is the number one skill required from today’s workforce. Yet most are left wondering how the fresh ideas aren’t being generated. Then leaders are left scratching their heads wondering why.

What if you could build a team that understands why innovation is important and how to innovate daily? That’s what could happen if you avoid the seven key mistakes and maximize the innovation quotient of your entire organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the pitfalls of corporate tunnel vision that may be squelching your innovation efforts.
  • Transform your teams from what’s feasible to what’s possible, the difference between good and exceptional results
  • Elevate innovation from a job function to an organizational culture
  • Overcome the biggest barrier to innovation, indifference in your team and customer
  • Unlock the blueprint of top leaders that elevate their teams to new heights

How to Use Innovation to Differentiate Yourself in a Crazy Cluttered World

Tamara has been taking risks, launching ideas and testing the limits for years. Along the way she has had a lot of successes and a few failures. Learning from every experience, Tamara uncovered the secrets to the success game – being brave enough to zig while everyone else zags.

Whether you work in an office, at home or on the road, Tamara’s courageous story of innovation, entrepreneurship and a lot of audacity will inspire you to bust out of the box. You’ll discover how it all comes down to wardrobes, wine and weights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock the 7 keys of innovation that increase chances of success
  • Avoid the hidden mistakes most entrepreneurs that is slowing their results
  • Master the top ways to zag so you can rise above the noise
  • Understand Tamara’s success and failures, all leading to invaluable lessons from the entrepreneur streets
  • Build a work and life you love that is built off your innovation strengths and avoid your weaknesses
Innovation Keynote Speaker Think Sideways

Read "THINK SIDEWAYS" and keep Tamara's lessons at the ready.

In this playbook, Tamara Ghandour, innovation keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author, brings to life exercises, ideas, and tidbits to harness your entrepreneurial spirit and unleash the new competitive advantage--your imagination! A perfectly blended mix of insightful observations, powerful storytelling, and practical tools. Reach your creative potential and Think Sideways all day, everyday. CEOs, business executives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs should keep this playbook at arm's reach at all times. 

"My imagination is on fire!!!! This book unleashed a part of my brain that apparently had been peacefully resting for a while. I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about a book. This book offers real life examples, truly thought provoking exercises and scenarios that people of all occupations can relate to. Fantastic book!"      ~Kelly Stratchko

As an added bonus, when you add Tamara's book to your keynote package, attendees will have the opportunity to personally connect with Tamara during a book signing.


The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment is the only tool that helps you understand your unique Innovator Archetype. So you can retrain your brain to be innovative on demand.

Being innovative is universal, we all do it. However, how we innovate is unique to each of us.” - Tamara, Creator

Our proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment (IQE) will assess, measure, and crystalize your unique Innovator Archetype. Unlock your greatest asset - your innovative mind. Based on 20 plus years of work and research, the IQE will help you discover your unique brand of innovation.

Use it to:

  • Be you, performing at your peak
  • Let the innovative ideas flow in your work and life
  • Have a stronger, more valued voice in your work and tribe
  • Unleash your personal and professional competitive advantage

Prior to Tamara's innovation keynotes, each attendee will be given a custom link to take the assessment, providing incredible value before they even walk through the conference doors. When they leave they’ll be armed with knowledge and insights that impact them directly. If innovation is the theme of your conference, the IQE and Tamara’s keynote will be the change-agent that makes that happen.



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