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Tamara Ghandour

As the pioneer of human-centered innovation, president of LaunchStreet and the creator of the Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment, Tamara Ghandour knows what it takes to drive innovation and growth daily.

Anthony Lambatos

Specializing in leadership and management of teams with a focus on operational structure, employee engagement and creating a culture of innovation. Anthony is passionate about helping business owners create a culture that allows their businesses to thrive.

Chris Chopyak

Using battle-tested tools of the trade, Chris has the uncanny ability to combine strategy and big systems thinking with pictures and color, turning the humdrum of strategy sessions, everyday meetings, or forums into the extraordinary.

Joel Scharlat

Joel brings incredible depth of knowledge and experience in the technology space with an emphasis on strategy, operations and growth. As the founder of StemBridge he’s on a journey to teach the next generation workforce by using emerging technologies to create hands-on, engaging, and project-based workshops. He helps adults and youth develop the skills, mindset, aptitude and ability to solve complex problems.

MaryT Will

MaryT believes strongly that as humans, we can learn a tremendous amount from horses about our own strengths, behaviors and leadership. She blends this passion and knowledge with her experience in business to help leaders and teams be stronger collaborators and performers. MaryT works with leaders and organizations that are looking to leverage their human capital to find greater success.

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core team


As the VP of Customer Engagement and the Go-To-Guru Andy is the hub of the organization ensuring that all the gears are turning. He wows customers daily with his thoughtful and timely responses with a dose of surprise and delight.


As both talent recruitment and community engagement Holly is the one discovering the next great guest for the podcast or a partnership that’s worth creating. She’s also the one that makes sure new ideas are implemented by thinking through the details that matter.


Josh is the website master and the man to go to for creation and design. He makes sure we are putting our best foot forward and creating a digital footprint that helps LaunchStreet go further, faster.