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when faced with challenges that require a dose of innovation and proven techniques

  • Designed to be high-impact, high-value in a lightning-fast format

  • Easy-to- implement solutions to your biggest challenges

  • Each micro-lesson contains a 3-part video series and PDF download

  • No fluff, no BS. Just proven and innovative solutions we know work!

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The top tools to understand, connect, and thrive in today’s diverse landscape

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In embracing empathy and actively engaging with diverse perspectives, we not only navigate the chaos of our ever-changing world but also uncover the transformative power to thrive amidst its complexity.
– Tamara

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facilitator’s DIY kit

You’ve been tasked with driving a culture of innovation, but how? Or perhaps you want to reinvigorate your burnt out, change resistant team, but with what tools? Or maybe you need to find some truly innovative and meaningful solutions to your big challenges, but which exercises do that? With our facilitator’s kit you’ll get everything you need to elevate your team and ignite innovation. This is for leaders and facilitators looking to host your own session guiding your team through unlocking their Everyday Innovator styles and discovering innovative ideas.

Each kit includes:

  • 20 IQEs for your team
    (you can always purchase more for a discount/$20 if needed)

  • Video series explaining the IQE so you have a depth of knowledge before you lead. The videos are short and valued packed
  • Complete facilitator’s guide. All the questions/exercises/agenda you need for a session of any length (90 minutes to 1 day)

  • Custom heat map of your team’s results so you can review your results individually and as a team

  • PRE- Call: one-on-one coaching call with Tamara to go over your session, answer any questions and set you up for success. Bring a draft guide and your questions and Tamara will bring her expertise and experience.
  • POST – Call: one-on-one call with Tamara to review the session, answer any questions and help you keep the innovation momentum going