Mirror neurons can help or hurt your ability to be an Everyday Innovator and perform at your peak, depending on what stimulus you give them.

Mirror neurons respond to actions that we observe in others. They fire in the same way when we actually recreate that action ourselves. It’s why you get nervous when the football is on the one yard line (and you are on your couch), or when you meet up with a friend that’s in a really bad mood and you find yourself in a bad mood for the rest of the day too. They are  essential brain cells for social interactions. But, mirror neurons can also be the reason you feel stuck in a rut, uninspired, or negative. You are taking in the mood and actions of the people and environment around you. It’s also why you become the 5 people you hang out with most.

If you want to continue to be an Everyday Innovator that sees opportunities, solutions, and possibilities, you need to learn to manage your mirror neurons.


breakthrough challenge innovationJoin the June 21-Day BreakThrough Challenge


#1 Surround yourself with the right people and environment. Seek out people that are creative problem solvers and strategic thinkers. Connect with people that have the inner confidence to solve even the biggest challenge. Find the positive realists the have an eye on moving forward. Make your space inspiring, even if it’s just a pile of sticky notes and a white board.

#2 Be like teflon. You can’t always avoid the “Mediocre Mollys” but that doesn’t mean you have to take on their s***. Learn to let things slide off you. Create barriers that interact but don’t internalize the outside stimulus that does not serve you. Be intentional about what you let in and what you do not.


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