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2022 Women to Watch in Innovation – InsideOutside

Tamara Ghandour is a Woman in Innovation to Watch in 2022. Our 2022 Watch List: Women in Innovation is made up of 26 women who are making an impact both inside and outside the organization, in large corporations and small startups. These are the innovation thought leaders shaping business growth

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Innovation Impact Lab Interview

  Tamara Ghandour used to believe that innovation was the domain of a select few, exclusive to certain industries, or relegated to a specific job role. But, as Tamara discovered in her 25 years of work and research, everybody has the capacity to innovate. It’s a person’s unique innovation style,

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Fireside Chat with Pearl Lemon

What Is The Book (Or Books) You’ve Given Most As A Gift, And Why? David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me. It’s a personal journey finding accountability, mental toughness and hard work in order to own your life, whatever it is meant to look like for you, and elevate your game. Those

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Real Leaders Article – 5 Reasons Why Siloing Innovation Is Sabotaging Your Innovation Efforts And Damaging Employee Engagement

  As a leader, you’ve most likely been given the mandate to create a culture of innovation. Or perhaps, you’ve been given the high-pressure responsibility to overcome today’s new challenges and unearth new opportunities. Of course, in times of massive upheaval like today, this comes with an urgent deadline and

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HR.COM Article on 9 Triggers of Innovation

Everyday Innovator: People leveraging their natural style of innovation to think differently about what’s right in front of them to create an advantage. Everyday Innovators are people, like you, who embrace innovation every day and across all aspects of their work and life. No special titles, no key initiatives, just you

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The Remarkable Leadership Podcast

Are you innovative or do you leave that to other people? Tamara Ghandour discovered that innovation was something we all can do. Further, it’s not if we innovate, but how we innovate (we are all unique). Tamara created The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) (available on her website), which reveals your

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