Break Out of Your Rut and Become an Everyday Innovator


In today’s podcast, I am thrilled to speak with an amazing woman, Tamara Kleinberg. In her book, Think Sideways: a game-changing playbook for disruptive thinking,” Tamara brings to life exercises and ideas to harness your entrepreneurial spirit and unleash your competitive advantage—your imagination! A perfectly blended mix of insightful observations, powerful storytelling, and practical tools, this book helps you reach your creative potential. Snatch it up!

By the end of this podcast, you’ll have learned how to kick-start your personal and professional creative juices so you can keep yourself relevant. As you will hear, Tamara teaches us that if you aren’t continually innovating and pivoting, you are on a fast path to irrelevance. To compete in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced landscape, organizations and their leaders must learn to create a culture where innovation is the norm and adaptability is the requirement, which is exactly what the speed of today’s business demands.