Are you innovative or do you leave that to other people? Tamara Ghandour discovered that innovation was something we all can do. Further, it’s not if we innovate, but how we innovate (we are all unique). Tamara created The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) (available on her website), which reveals your unique Everyday Innovator style and offers insight into how you bring your best self in everything you do. She is also the author of Innovation is Everybody’s Business: How to Ignite, Scale, & Sustain Innovation for Competitive Edge. Kevin and Tamara discuss different aspects of innovation, including human-centered vs. process centered innovation and whether you want to be better or different. They touch on why we struggle to see ourselves as innovators and how to build a team of innovators who make an impact.

In this episode, Tamara shares:

  1. Science and style to innovation.
  2. Triggers of innovation.
  3. How leaders create innovation.
  4. The importance of the open loop.