You Can’t Do It Alone (And 4 Tips So You Don’t Have To)

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes| Stitcher Radio | Spotify It sucks being the only innovator surrounded by status quo minds. As I learned in my thirty plus years, it sounds good to be the solo disruptive innovator out there pushing the limits and seeing opportunities everyone else misses. But, in reality it's lonely, and not much gets

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  • a stretched mind is forever changed

A Stretched Mind is Forever Changed

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes| Stitcher Radio | Spotify Your mind is sort of like a balloon. At first it's tiny and impossible to blow up and expand (parents with little kids know what I'm talking about) but with a little extra effort it stretches and grows, never to return back to its tiny, out-of-the-package, shape. A

2023-02-16T07:49:05-07:00February 16th, 2023|

Your Resistance is Your Fear in Action and I’m Back

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes| Stitcher Radio | Spotify I'm back! It's been a minute, but as I explain in this podcast, I took a step back so that I can come back on FIRE! I've got a new format, new content, new conversations and new value for you. I explain all this in the podcast and

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Being the Best Also Means Knowing Where You Don’t Shine with Everyday Innovators Matt DeLuzio and Turner Williams

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes| Stitcher Radio | Spotify Being the absolute best you can be doesn't mean being good at everything. In fact, it means recognizing where you aren't the best and letting go of those things. Today's Everyday Innovator guests, Matt DeLuzio and Turner Williams share how they've learned to work in their genius zones,

2022-09-18T14:26:45-06:00July 19th, 2022|

Preparing for the Future so You can Succeed Today with Everyday Innovator Dan Brown

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes| Stitcher Radio | Spotify The winter season always comes. It's inevitable. Today's Everyday Innovator, Dan Brown, shares with us how he thinks about preparing for the winter seasons and uncertain futures. As the Regional Director of Spire Financial, Dan shares how he's always working on contingencies to prepare for the future. He

2022-09-18T14:26:45-06:00July 18th, 2022|

Asking Questions That Make People Think with Everyday Innovator Justin Bieganek

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes| Stitcher Radio | Spotify As I always say questions in is answers out. Asking good questions is the difference between incremental, useless answers and big breakthrough solutions. But, what makes a question a “good question?” Our Everyday Innovator guest, Justin Bieganek, shared with me that in his view asking the right question

2022-09-18T14:26:45-06:00July 14th, 2022|

Turning Your Biggest Obstacles into Your Greatest Motivators with Everyday Innovator Emilia D’Anzica and Sabina Pons

SUBSCRIBE: iTunes| Stitcher Radio | Spotify None of us achieve our goals alone. We need support, help, and people that push us forward. Our Everyday Innovator guests today, Emilia D’Anzica and Sabina Pons, don’t just work together, they’ve created a connection of trust and support that helps them both go further, faster. As the

2022-09-18T14:26:44-06:00July 13th, 2022|
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