2022 is the year of the innovator

2022 is the Year of the Everyday Innovator

Moving into 2022, there’s one thing we know for certain – things will remain in flux and uncertain. But, I feel more optimistic about 2022 than ever. I don’t think it’s because COVID is suddenly going to disappear or that all the issues that have arisen in the past two years will magically disappear. I don’t even believe the dust will settle. However, I do believe two things. First I believe that I’m more set up to navigate and harness change and uncertainty than ever before. It took a lot of experimentation and twists and turns, but I’m there. I also believe in the power of all of you – Everyday Innovators out there igniting innovation and inspiring others. With that, we have a big change coming to the podcast in 2022. From here on out we’ll be interviewing Everyday Innovators, not experts all week. No blah blah platitudes. Instead, you’ll hear real stories of triumph, overcoming challenges, and tackling obstacles by thinking differently and rejecting the status quo. I couldn’t be more excited to share these extraordinary people and their real-world stories with you. Listen in to learn more.

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