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Many people have approached me expressing frustration in this time — with themselves, and their teams. They feel stuck and unable to unlock new paths of innovation, but the problem is we tend to fall into the trap of asking one question in one way, but expecting a plethora of different types of answers. The trick to overcoming this is to ask different questions to get to new innovations and solutions, but what questions do we ask? How can we ask better and different questions to lead us to new channels of thinking and innovative solutions?

A very simple yet effective exercise to help us ask different questions is something I call “Word Games.” Start by articulating the problem you’re trying to solve in a simple way. Then, change one key word in the problem or question you’re trying to solve. That’s it. By changing keywords in the question or problem, we can shift our patterns of thinking and approach the problem differently. This is not about finding the one right question that’s going to be the end-all, be-all, and then using that question. It’s about asking the question in multiple ways because different questions get to different lanes of thinking and different ideas. I share more about how this works in practice with some examples, and how this can help to unlock innovation not just for yourself, but also in your team.

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