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Your mind is sort of like a balloon. At first it’s tiny and impossible to blow up and expand (parents with little kids know what I’m talking about) but with a little extra effort it stretches and grows, never to return back to its tiny, out-of-the-package, shape. A mind stretched by new ideas, new experiences and new perspectives will never go back to its original dimensions. In this episode I share my experiences about feeling stale and stuck, how stretching my mind with new experiences is the antidote to that, and several easy ways you can keep growing and evolving.

Tamara’s Everyday Innovator style is Risk Taker Experiential. What’s yours?

Sticky Inspiration: A stretched mind is forever changed

Lesson & Action: Small actions that stretch your mind can add up to big changes. Get lost, try a new restaurant, talk to a new person, travel, explore, and seek out differing opinions.

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