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Prove your value by leveraging the five dimensions of a modern seller.

We may not realize it but we’re all in sales and we’re all selling at any given time. Whether we’re leaders, team members, or actual sales staff, we need to communicate our ideas in a way that gets buy-in from other people. In the modern business landscape, it’s not enough to go for the hard sell — we need the softer skills to sell our ideas and that’s where Amy Franko comes in.


Amy Franko is a keynote speaker, sales strategist, and author of The Modern Seller, an Amazon bestseller which was also named a 2019 top sales book by Top Sales World. Amy’s specialization is in B2B sales and sales leadership development. She works with a variety of organizations to accelerate their growth results and has been recognized by Top Sales World as one of the top 50 sales keynote speakers and top 50 sales bloggers in the world.


Sales is ultimately about leadership and influence, and no matter how specialized or sophisticated your product or service, you will eventually reach a point where it becomes a commodity. Amy explains why connecting with new people and perspectives to keep from getting stuck in your own silos is so important to stay ahead of the competition, choices, and clutter. We also dig into how to do more to leverage your network to service your prospects and clients and to differentiate yourself. Amy gives us her unique take on the five dimensions of a modern seller and how you can tap into being agile, entrepreneurial, holistic, social, and an ambassador to become a better innovator and make a larger impact.

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