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Grit Is the Key Player of Success

Do you ever wonder why some people succeed and some don’t — especially when they seem to start out on an even playing field? Well, that’s exactly what our Inside LaunchStreet guest, Angela Duckworth, wondered and took the time to research. She studies everyone from CEOs to West Point cadets. Can you guess the factor that led to those that made it and those that didn’t? It’s not intelligence, resources or skill. It’s grit. Turns out it’s more important that we think. What a great way to kick off 2019!


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Key Takeaways:

[1:24] Tamara opens the show by letting listeners know that the most important ingredient to success is grit. It’s not skill, talent, or resources that help you achieve your goals. That means that we all have it! Angela digs deep into this topic, in her book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

[4:03] You might be surprised to know that Angela could be a chef and not a psychologist. Her passion is cooking.

[5:20] Angela defines grit as the combination of being really passionate at what you’re doing as well as persevering over extended periods of time. How can we attain grit?

[9:10] Angela shares an experience about the quarterback, Steve Young. His dad was nicknamed Grit. He taught Steve the power of working really hard. Steve threw ten thousand practice spirals into the net to improve his passing game. His story included talent but also an enormous effort that’s hidden from view.

[11:01] Tamara shares that we often put emphasis and admiration on what we think is a natural talent. But, it’s real grit that gets us to the end. Angela believes there are two reasons why it is dazzling to watch someone perform well — One: It truly is awesome to watch; Two: It is motivational to watch someone perform well. Angela and Tamara talk about Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison.

[15:06] Angela speaks to the young people listening. She reminds them that excellence is not a gift, it’s earned.

[15:50] Angela shares the story that opens her book. She talks about the competitive admissions at West Point. She embarked on a study to find out why candidates drop out in the first two months. She believes that they dropped out because, for the first time in their lives, they weren’t the star of the team. She believes a lot of grit is not quitting on a bad day. Tamara discusses having the end in mind, and not getting wrapped up in the moment.

[19:26] How do you measure grit in yourself? Angela developed a Grit Scale for research studies. But, anyone can take the grit scale for personal reflection.

[23:08] If you’re a leader of a team, how do you apply grit to your team?

[25:40] Change is so rapid, Tamara believes you have to have grit to adapt to the change. Angela points out the importance of encouraging the change but it’s also important to keep in mind the steadiness of the ship.

[29:06] Find out if Angela was surprised to find out exactly how big of a player grit really is. She has learned that the story of success isn’t the one she thought of as a little girl.

[31:46] Tamara challengers listeners to do one thing that would make each of us a little grittier. Come in a bit early, stay late, put a little extra effort in, give it a little more oomph.

[32;03] Tamara talks about an article that discussed kids who are rewarded for the effort they put into their grades actually do better long term. Angela discusses growth mindset research done by Carol Dweck. When you praise the effort versus the outcome, you get a more effective resilient motivation. Get introduced to the term ‘process praise’ and the importance of it.

[34:52] Angela reminds listeners to go out of your way to praise. Tamara rewards behaviors and not outcomes at Inside LaunchStreet. She talks about the importance of praising the risk.

[36:54] Learn more and connect with Angela on It’s a nonprofit website, so everything is free on the site.

[37:18] Is grit contagious?

[39;28] Tamara reminds listeners that we don’t have to be on our A game all the time. We all have our good times and bad times.

[42:20] Order Angela’s book today.

[42:41] Angela’s final piece of advice for listeners is to always be working on your motivation.

[43:22] Tamara loves that there’s something inside each of us to help make us better. Grit is important to innovation. It helps us push through and overcome the noes and obstacles. Tamara asks listeners to apply grit daily.



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