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Develop a Culture of Awesomeness!

It’s time to dig into how to give people the knowledge and room to innovate so you can gain the edge and win. This is part two of three with Anthony Lambatos, president of Footer’s Catering and IQE partner. On Inside LaunchStreet, we talk about how expecting all of us to innovate the same way sets us all up for failure, how it’s not one person’s job to contribute to innovation and why understanding his own power triggers (Tweaker — Collaborative) has helped him build his business. He shares how knowing his own power triggers has helped him know when and how to lean on the people around him. He also shares his experiences of putting all of the same triggers together versus balancing out the team. Anthony brings home why giving people the knowledge and room to innovate their way is the difference between incremental and transformative results.


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Key Takeaways:

[2:24] Anthony joins Tamara for part two in the question-and-answer series. They open today’s show by talking more about leveraging the IQE Assessment. Anthony shares his experience of taking the IQE Assessment and how to leverage the assessment for himself and within the team. Anthony’s archetype is a collaborative tweaker.

[7:16] Collaborative thinkers pull ideas and perspectives together. Tweaker’s edit, evolve and adjust. Big innovation is just one little tweak away. Anthony shares how knowing his innovator type has helped him as the leader of Footers Catering. Tamara shares that she’s an experiential innovator. Knowing your innovator archetype helps you to shine in your arena and use your time in the most advantageous way.

[12:19] How has the IQE Assessment benefitted Anthony’s team? What happens when you have too many of the same archetypes trying to innovate? They build their teams by selecting different types of innovators. This helps to balance out the team.

[18:18] When you pull the right people into the team and create balance, they challenge assumptions and help to overcome barriers. Anthony shares how a team member took the IQE Assessment and had triggers in the futuristic. They ended up putting her in charge of the food presentations, and she’s very successful in her new assignment using her futuristic strengths.

[21:12] Why is it so important to allow people to innovate in their own way?

[22:18] How can your power triggers become barriers? Anthony believes that if you back down from struggles, you won’t ever have an opportunity to be awesome. Tamara shares that people need to know that it’s OK to make mistakes.

[25:08] Tamara shares an experience about how an incorrect link to the IQE Assessment was emailed out. They used this mistake as a great learning tool.

[27:34] Awesomeness is one of Footer’s core values. The whole team embraces awesomeness. Customers feel the awesomeness in their service. Tamara reminds listeners that the culture is the foundation of success.

[30:44] When you understand your innovator archetype it also helps you know when and how you need to collaborate with others. Tamara challengers listeners to take the IQE assessment and discover how you can perform at your best.



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