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In this edition, we’re unleashing the power of Ask Me Anything (AMA), fueled by the burning inquiries from the Overly Caffeinated Community. Today’s question comes from John in Atlanta, a leader in a Fortune 1000 company.

John asked:

I’m wondering, at times I think I’m being innovative or disruptive, but then I look at the results and I’m not sure I’m being innovative enough. How do I know if I’m being innovative or headed in that direction.


Episode Highlights:

#1 INNOVATION VERSUS INCREMENTAL: How to know if you are being innovative versus incremental. Tamara digs into knowing when you stand out versus when you barely move forward, or adding to the noise versus rising above.

#2 REAL DEFINITION OF INNOVATION: Tamara explains that real innovation is simply thinking differently about what’s right in front of you

#3 INCREASING  CHANCES OF SUCCESS: When you start from a place of innovation you increase your likelihood of success. While failure can happen for many reasons, if you start from a place of innovation you are more likely to succeed

#4 QUESTIONING THE BIG THING: Tamara opens up about how she has recently had a lot of conversations with herself about what’s next. She’s thinking about the big breakthrough and the next horizon in life.

#5 ARE YOU THINKING BIG ENOUGH: Tamara walks the audience through the an exercise to help you understand true innovation and breakthroughs. This exercise will help you wrap your head around how to truly think differently to create those breakthroughs and thing big.