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In this edition, we’re unleashing the power of Ask Me Anything (AMA), fueled by the burning inquiries of the Overly Caffeinated Community. Today’s question comes from Horace in Baltimore, a small business owner.

Horace asked:

I’m a small business owner. We have an industrial cleaning business. What can I do to stay resilient and adaptive in the face of challenges, and how do I effectively communicate this mindset to inspire my small team?

A Few Highlights:

  1. Know Your Resilience Blueprint: Discover why reinventing the wheel is a costly mistake and learn the importance of drawing from past successes. Unearth your unique Everyday Innovator style to navigate change efficiently and effectively.
  2. Empower Your Team: Gift your team the knowledge of how they navigate change and what may sabotage their efforts. Understanding individual styles fosters a collaborative, friction-free environment.
  3. Steep Yourself in Everyday Innovator Styles: Embrace the challenge and magic of diverse approaches within your team. Recognize the power of upfront human connection in meetings and projects to unleash everyone’s full innovative potential.
  4. Make Change a Plan, Not a Reaction: Fall in love with your vision, but not your goals. Develop flexible plans, revisit them often, and ask “What now?” instead of a simple yes or no. Experiment and embrace small tests as a pathway to real-world success.
  5. Big Goals, Small Actions: Learn the art of making your goals big and your actions small. Tap into the power of compounding with your actions, understanding that every small step contributes to significant accomplishments.

If you’re watching the live stream, be sure to pipe in, ask your questions, and drop your insights. Collective wisdom fuels our growth, so let’s embark on this journey together!

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