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As I always say questions in is answers out. Asking good questions is the difference between incremental, useless answers and big breakthrough solutions. But, what makes a question a “good question?” Our Everyday Innovator guest, Justin Bieganek, shared with me that in his view asking the right question is not actually about the answer, it’s about asking questions that make people think. As the Creative Director & Founder of Mercury Creative Group, Justin talks to me about how he wants people around him that tell him “no” and the struggles he’s experienced with stepping away from the weeds of the work and more into a leadership role and what he’s done to work through that. We also have a lively conversation about teaching others to read and respond to the energy of a room, making you a better listener, facilitator, and collaborator. He also opens up about the importance of curiosity in a time when we can re-think everything, and the power of deeper conversations and allowing yourself thinking room. 





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