As I sit here on this Thursday afternoon I find myself more exhausted than usual. At first I thought it was the heat and a few late nights, but as I started to reflect I realized something else was going on. This week has been full of tasks that require building and creating new things. It’s required developing proposals for new clients, scripts for new videos content, developing new marketing language – you get the point. Here’s what I realized, all these tasks also require more energy to complete. Here I am expending more energy than usual, but I haven’t balanced that out with dedicated time to replenish that energy after I’ve depleted it. Hence, a Thursday full of foggy brain and exhaustion. 

Think of it like the apps on your phone. Some don’t take any battery life to use and others suck the life out of your battery and before you know it, you are down to 15% and need to plug-in. Well, same goes for your tasks and your energy. In this episode I talk all about this. 


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