I challenge you to do three simple tasks a day, for seven days, and watch how you transform into an Everyday Innovator. I promise if you do what I talk about in this podcast, your beliefs, behaviors and actions will all align with your ability to innovate. Here’s the thing, the brain’s number one job is to confirm what you already believe. The brain likes to be in alignment so it matches the outside world to your internal world. When your internal world, or beliefs, believe you aren’t innovative, your brain will find all the examples and reasons to validate that belief. But, in this seven day challenge I’m going to give you three simple tasks that will shake up, even flip those beliefs on their head. In fact, what you’ll begin to believe strongly is that you are an Everyday Innovator. In fact, you’ll begin to believe, as you should, that you are a high-performing, high-value innovator! And your brain will then begin to reinforce and validate that belief. It’s just seven days. Try it! 

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