It takes a certain kind of person to see opportunities where others see only gaps. Lucky for men all around the world, Jack Haldrup is one, and when he saw that the marketplace was missing a natural, skin-nourishing soap targeted at men, he stepped up to fill that need. Just over six years ago, Jack founded Dr. Squatch Soap Co., a company that produces healthy, all natural and nourishing hygiene products targeted at the male demographic through funny branding. Today, Dr. Squatch is the top subscription-based soap company in the U.S. How did Jack approach a target audience that doesn’t know what they need? In a really crowded category where there is an overwhelming number of competitors, how did Jack position his products to really stand out? The secret is really innovating at different levels, and Jack shares more about his innovations in marketing to capture their target audience at the right moment. He also reveals his approach to growth, competition, and encouraging innovation within his company, and what it takes to maintain that balance between customer feedback and vision in a way that’s innovative yet true to the brand.

Jack’s Everyday Innovator style: Instinctual Risk Taker

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