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Being the absolute best you can be doesn’t mean being good at everything. In fact, it means recognizing where you aren’t the best and letting go of those things. Today’s Everyday Innovator guests, Matt DeLuzio and Turner Williams share how they’ve learned to work in their genius zones, not project what they love or hate to do on others, and why meeting people where they are is the key to tapping the human potential of themselves and those they lead. As the top producing loan officers at Spire Financial, they share how going back to the basics, focusing on what you can control, and adjusting your sails is the key to their success in changing times. They also share how the fear of loss can actually drive strong innovation. We dig into how the key to leading through change is about recognizing the signals before they become an undertow that sweeps you out to sea. Matt and Turner also open up about what they think it takes to continue to be top producers in changing times, including understanding your personal value propositions, and what motivates you to keep going.





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