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Unwrapping Innovation Nuggets of Gold

In this episode, I pull out five clips from a range of incredible innovators that have stopped by and shared their brilliance on Inside LaunchStreet in 2018. They range from an Intrapreneur shaking up his large, bureaucratic company, a Silicon Valley pitch expert, a master investor, a pair of rocking entrepreneurs that have built an empire and someone that trained under the management guru, Peter Drucker. These clips highlight just some of the nuggets of gold shared in our interviews.


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Key Takeaways:

[1:02] Join Tamara as she extracts nuggets of incredible learning and reflects on the best shows of 2018.

[3:44] Tamara’s first nuggets of gold are found from Kodiak Cakes  founders Joel Clark and Cameron Smith. Tamara pulled this interview due to the fact that Joel and Cameron looked for declining categories as an opportunity to innovate. Instead of fighting for the same customers, you’re capturing new customers and bringing them back. There’s also a lack of competition. They also discuss that it’s easier to have a meaningful differential in that category.

[6:14] Listen in as Joel and Cameron discuss why they entered the declining category.

[9:41] Tamara’s second nuggets are taken from her interview with Oren Klaff, who is the author of Pitch Anything. His book is all about getting buy-in for your ideas. Side one of the coin is how do you find innovation? Side two is how do you get buy-in from the people that matter so that you can move the ideas forward? Tamara really found power in the discussion about the lizard brain. The mistake many of us make is going to the higher brain function too soon. Find out why it’s important to spend time in the pain.

[13:31] Oren and Tamara discuss how you know if you’re ready for the change. Oren teaches that most of the human mind is dedicated to detecting change. Tamara and Oren discuss the lizard brain theory.

[21:19] The next nuggets are from Magdalena Yesli, author of Power Up. She taught us about the delicious “F You Attitude.” Tamara pulled this interview for several reasons. It was a personal interview in that Tamara felt like she could do things to elevate her game. Tamara found wisdom when they discussed playing the game to win, instead of being liked. She also loved the analogy of water and the many lessons we can learn from it.

[24:42] Magdalena and Tamara discuss where the power lies in the game. If you focus on being liked, you’ve given power to the other team. If you focus on how good you are on playing the game, the focus shifts to your own skill set  Magdalena shares the power to flow.

[27:48] The fourth nuggets emerged in the interview with Michael Arena, chief talent officer at General Motors. He helps us to see how it’s done in legacy systems and with bureaucracy thinkers. He shared nuggets about who you need on your team. And, why it’s important to bring the players in on the fringe and leverage them.

[31:02] Michael talks about social capital. He shares Rob Cross’s research and digs deep into how to find the fast movers.

[37:23] The final nuggets were gleaned in the interview with Zach First, the executive director of the Druker Institute. Tamara chose this because she found herself laughing at the phrase, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Tamara questions if we are even managing the right things? They discuss information obesity.

[40:04] Zach and Tamara discuss how you find the right metrics to pay attention. Zach points out the misquotation of Peter Druker, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” The real quote is “What gets measured, gets managed.”

[44:23] Today’s show wraps up with Tamara challenging listeners to review some podcasts from 2018 and find the goodness in each one.



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