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Sometimes rules are good for us, and other times they are just other people’s way of doing things. And, sometimes rules are used to keep people small-minded and in place by other small-minded people that don’t want to move forward. In this Friday episode, I share my personal experience with feeling held back by the rules, a teacher squelching my dreams, and what my dad taught me about breaking the rules to get to my goals. Then, I share my major insight from each of the Everyday Innovators. First is Lizza de la Garza (Tweaker Imaginative) in the oil and gas, economic development space, then Tony Jamous (Fluid Imaginative) global workforce and talent space, Taylor McCarten (Inquisitive Collaborative) in the composting space, and Yuri Elkaim (Instinctual Imaginative) an expert health-preneur. 






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