Have you ever gotten frustrated because the path to success wasn’t a straight line up? Or do you try to avoid mistakes at all costs because you are afraid it will lead to failure or worse, embarrassment? Our Everyday Innovator, Donnie Boivin, shares his journey to success and it includes a lot of trial, error, mistakes, wins, and most importantly, lessons. As the founder of the Champion Success Network, Donnie shares with us how actively looking to “break things,” and hiring people that are the opposite of you have been the keys to his success. He also digs into how he started a business he was actively trying to avoid for years was the best thing he ever did, and how his wife challenged him to fix the industry gave him the fuel he needed to get going. And he shares two elements of a championship mindset that has helped him and his team thrive. 

Donnie’s Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Instinctual

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