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Learning to reflect and trust yourself.

How much do you trust your own ability to think creatively and figure things out, without depending on the advice or opinions of an expert? Carol Sanford believes that for most of us, it’s not enough.

Carol Sanford describes herself as a lifelong learner and an educator who helps people develop themselves into more conscious, creative, innovative, and intentional human beings. Author of multiple books, and host of multiple podcasts including Business Second Opinion, Carol has over four decades of experience in helping companies challenge accepted best practices. Her recently released book The Regenerative Life — Transform Any Organization, Our Society and Your Destiny explores the nine regenerative roles that people adopt in different situations.


What is wrong with our society’s current idea of who can change the world, and why don’t we have the consciousness, capacity, and courage to check in with ourselves? Carol explains how the “expert model” has led to us undervaluing ourselves and our ability to think, create, and use our own minds to figure things out. She also shares the dangers of putting people into boxes and labeling them, as well as the importance of reflection in growing and innovating. She has some fascinating insight about discovering your essence, the nine regenerative roles, and how to tap into them in different situations.

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