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A shift from Zero-Based Budgeting to Zero-Based Mindset.

How can big teams and companies tackle growth strategies? It often requires them to move faster, be more nimble, and make faster decisions — basically to act like a startup. But this is not something that comes easily to massive companies with multiple layers of processes and systems in place. Chris Roark helps organizations achieve that startup speed.


Chris Roark is a Managing Director with Accenture Strategy, where he leads competitiveness and zero-based cost management areas in North America. He works with leaders of consumer-packaged goods and industrial and retail companies, helping them drive enterprise value through innovative growth strategies, operating model designs, and structural costs resets. Chris also co-authored The Big Zero, a book that outlines how organizations can achieve startup speed at enterprise scale by adopting a Zero-Based Mindset.


The business landscape is changing, and that has an impact on the speed at which we need to do business. Chris explains what trust in the business context means and the consequences of diminished trust for companies looking to move with the agility to keep up with the times. He also dives into The Big Zero and how it works in helping companies get startup speed and enterprise scale. There needs to be a shift from Zero-Based Budgeting to Zero-Based Mindset — we need to go from being finance-driven to culture-driven, and that’s where the dynamic part of looking at things on a regular basis to adjust plans as the real-world changes. We dig into the importance of having agility and optionality in maintaining competitiveness and why it is crucial for leaders to be mentors and coaches on this front.

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