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Your journey as a leader is a lifelong endeavor.

Leadership is not just about process and culture, it’s also about you as a leader — how you can achieve your goals and be stronger as a leader for the teams you lead. That’s why Christine Matzen believes that becoming a leader is a journey and leadership is a force you can use to help your business win.


Christine Matzen started her career in emergency medical services. In this fast-paced, high-stress environment, she developed strong instincts and cultivated critical leadership skills, as well as a deep respect for people. Today, Christine works with individuals to develop their own leadership style, focusing on honing a strategic mindset that complements their unique skill sets. She helps individuals to become confident leaders who are ready to face any challenge, all the while prioritizing personal fulfillment in their lives.


We often think of leadership as tied to a position or a title, but leadership skills are cultivated, learned, and honed over time. Christine shares her insights about how to figure out what skills you are good at and what you need to work on as a leader to become better and the most common misconceptions around what makes a good leader. We also dig into the importance of trust, how to create a “vision of consequence” to help us stay the course to our objectives, and what stops leaders from innovating. She also has some really unique perspectives on defining your own vision and priorities, to avoid letting the world take away your time and your objectives.


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