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Saying No Will Bring You New Found Freedom.

Clara Capano is a performance expert, coach, and the creator of the 52 Weeks of Clara-Ty program. On Inside LaunchStreet, we dig into finding clarity and moving from vision to structure to boundaries. We also discussed the power of NO in freeing up space for your creative mind and how to not do it all if you want to do it right.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:37] How did Clara follow her heart and transition from a career in real estate to being a performance coach?

[4:12] Clara’s motto is, “You can’t do everything.”  Learn now, to take the superwoman cape off and put in in your drawer. Saying no actually brings us freedom. It’s our own internal battle that we have to get over. Clara believes that saying no comes from fear of disappointing others.

[7:28] Clara shares two questions that can guide your decision-making process. First, ask yourself: If I agree and say yes to this, what am I then saying no to? Second, If I agree to do this, is this in alignment with the person I want to become and with the goals I want to achieve?

[9:31] Find out the positive things that start to happen when you start to say no to the wrong things and yes to the right things?

[10:22] Boundaries, structure, and vision are essential to help cut out the noise. Listen in as she talks about vision and structure. Clara’s book, Find Your Focus: 52 Weeks of Clarity can help you define your vision and your purpose. Get introduced to Clara’s life rocks and bubble time.

[16:47] Tamara reaffirms that you are much more productive when you set time limits and get “in the bubble.” This can limit the distractions.

[17:23] Boundaries are much easier when you have structure and define your vision. It is much easier to say no.

[18:55] Tamara shares a personal story about creating our own boundaries. Clara shares some tips from her book to up your game. Learn why it’s imperative to put yourself first and take good care of yourself.

[21:15] Clients call Clara most often to know how to manage and leverage their time. Clients are feeling pain finding time for themselves.

[22:10] Clara believes that confusion causes you to stand still. Why is confusion squelching dreams? Learn how you know if you’re confused.

[24:42] Fear can be overcome by realizing that it’s not all about me. Focus externally.

[27:40] Creativity and innovation are about letting go a little bit. You have to leave some freedom to authenticity. Tamara shares her process of seeking her authentic self and owning her own voice.

[31:17] Focus allows you to get everything done. When you are truly focused, that’s where greatness happens. Focus is ongoing and requires adjusting.

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