Conversational Commerce and Leadership with Paul Ace

A lot has changed personally and professionally in the past year. New technology has automated many functions humans used to be responsible for, the internet gives people instant access and global choice for just about anything, and teams have become virtual, as a way of doing business. In order to stay on the forefront of these massive shifts, it’s also important we open our minds to the latest trends and technology. This episode with my guest, Paul Ace, will help you do just that. We dig into the new business and customer model of “conversational commerce” that is gaining. a lot of traction. Fortunately, Paul is on the forefront of it all. He also shares how he keeps his global and virtual team motivated and why he focuses on effectiveness, not efficiency. We also dig into how he ignites innovation and gathers ideas that keep his business moving forward.




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Take a moment to check out Paul’s business, Amplify C-C. He might be able to help you get unstuck and grow. He’s helped a lot of online business leaders amplify their businesses and could do the same for you.

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