What does it take to keep up with a changing world? How do you continue to innovate and not find yourself with a fixed mindset? Today’s Everyday Innovator guest, Nicole Di Pietro, talks to me about the power of getting out from behind your desk, engaging with the world, and having an open mind. She shares how “not fitting the stereotype” of a financial person is actually her greatest advantage, the importance of being true to what you believe in, and having the humility to know you don’t know it all. Nicole is the Vice President of Jeremiah’s Ice, a growing franchise business across seven states. She digs into her experience managing through change, figuring out how to solve new challenges, and delivering results in ways never done before. She also opens up about the tough conversations in her life have been the most important and why they lead to the best outcomes. 

Nicole’s Everyday Innovator style: Collaborative Tweaker

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