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Get a laser focus perspective on your brand. If you don’t, you’ll end up breaking your brand promise.

Inside LaunchStreet interviews Deb Gabor, a brand dominatrix, the author of the book, Branding is Sex, and founder of SOL Marketing . She has worked with big name clients, ranging from Microsoft and NBC Universal, to digital brands like Allrecipes. We dig deep into why branding is like sex, why getting your customers laid is essential to business success, and the three questions every brand must answer.

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Key Takeaways:
[1:20] How did Deb become a brand dominatrix?
[2:55] Why is it important to have laser sharp focus on honoring your
[7:15] You cannot separate what you do and how you deliver it, from how you show up
as a brand. It all goes together.
[8:50] How do you create a brand that withstands the sands of time?
[11:45] How do you differentiate if your product is exactly the same as your
[15:20] What are some of the fatal mistakes brands make?
[19:40] How do you discover your ideal client, and create irrational
[26:15] How do you market to your ideal customer effectively?
[32:10] You have to make your target audience feel like a hero.
[33:25] How is branding like sex?
[36:55] How do the best brands help get their customers laid?
[40:45] What are the three essential questions every brand must be a
ble to answer?
[45:15] To be a good brand, you have to constantly put yourself through the ‘BS test.’
[50:40] When should you be branding? Always and often.


Mentioned in This Episode:

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Branding Is Sex
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